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If you have the symptoms of Coeliac Disease but cannot get a positive test result then it may be that you may be suffering with NCGI

If you have the symptoms of Coeliac Disease but cannot get a positive test result then it may be that you may be suffering with NCGI

According to the information currently made available, and you would be amazed by some sites with whole paragraphs of redacted material (and I would say to the owner's of those sites 'why bother to put it out there if you're not really willing to share with the rest of us?') there are now thought to be around 15% of the world's population that have what has been given the name of Non Coeliac Gluten Intolerance.

Below the explanation is a list of the other names that are attributed to Coeliac Disease, which is useful for those looking up explanations and information on the Web.

Please see this extract and link to explain what it is:

"Non Coeliac Gluten Intolerance

Many times when a person is screened for coeliac, despite taking all precautions mentioned above, tests still indicate that the disease is not present. This despite that these persons suffer from symptoms upon digesting food containing gluten. This is very interesting or perhaps confusing to many. But put simply , this person may be Non Coeliac Gluten Intolerant (NCGI). It is estimated that around 15% of the world population is NCGI as opposed to less than 1% of Coeliacs. Gluten consists of many long elastic chains of proteins (gives it the characteristics of a dough) lined along each other. Not all of them cause Coeliac disease, but some can cause irritation to the small intestine, enough to hinder the cells of the small intestine to produce digestive enzymes to break down foods. Symptoms are similar to food intolerance and more details can be found in the food intolerance pages. To confirm if you are NCGI do an elimination test. Avoid all gluten food for at least two weeks and then introduce it. If symptoms return, and previous tests were negative or inconclusive then you know that you are NCGI. NCGI persons suffer from similar symptoms of food intolerance and Glutenzyme that is capable to breaking down gluten proteins can be the solution for a normal diet reducing or eliminating symptoms associated with NCGI.

Other Names For Coeliac Disease

Listed below are the names associated with Celiac Disease. All the names refer to the inability to tolerate gluten.

Coeliac or Celiac Sprue

Coeliacs or Celiacs

Coeliac or Celiac Disease

Gee-Herter's syndrome

Gluten Intolerance

Gluten Sensitive Enteropathy

Gluten Sensitivity

Idiopathic Steatorrhea

Intestinal Infantilism

Malabsorption Syndrome

Nontropical Sprue

The Coeliac Syndrome"

The above extract is from the following link:

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Thanks Lynxcat for the info. I finally have a name for whats going on with me!

I was tested a year ago and the results were negative, but my gastroenterologist informed me about gluten sensitivity and proposed the elimination diet. After a week on the diet I felt so good, I was fine, no more bloating etc. x


Thanks Lynxcat, this is really interesting & it's nice to have a new label for my problem instead of just "IBS"! I had a look at the Glutenzyme tablets the article promotes & I have some of a different make which contain lipase, amylase, prozyme, protease, cellulase & amyloglucosidase, but not the Lactobacillus. The quantities are very different, though, but this article makes me think I should maybe try them again to see if they help.


Hi Jojo and Gfmum, There appears to be an ever increasing variety of complaints that are linked to gluten and quantity of people who are carrying the burden and result of this. What we really need are some specialists that are wholly and fully familiar with all of these gluten manufactured illnesses and how they are best recognised and treated. The fact that so little appears to be common knowledge is extremely disappointing and frustrating.

I came across the above information around six months ago initially, not on this particular website but on another. I was looking up something entirely different at the time but read about it and had every intention of putting some information here in our forum but after using C Cleaner on the PC, I lost the link - I couldn't even find it in the history .. so when I began looking up something entirely different once again and it popped up before my eyes, I knew that I had to place it here straight away. The problem with gluten information is sometimes the extent of it. There are often thousands of links - many are of little use but others are rich in new information which may be of benefit to most of us.


The University of Sheffield are rearching Gluten Sensitivity (GS) vs Coeliac disease (CD), recognising that some GS patients can have more extreme symptoms than some of those patients with CD. They are looking into GS patients going on to be diagnosed with CD, although they have received negative results at an earlier date. Dr Kate Evans gave a talk at the Allergy Show in May ... so the reaserch is out there, and we are being heard..


Oh well that makes sense. I have had the blood tests and an endoscopy and colonoscopy and all was clear and negative (which is good to know) >However I have been gluten free for nearly 5 months now and the difference if astonishing. All of my symptoms have gone, I have energy, am actually verging on happy and have dropped 2 dress sizes. I wasn't over eating before, the only change is no gluten. I do have one really good doctor who told me this week that there were no other conditions that could explain apart from coeliac. But this news does make sense. Thanks

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The one thing that I have never seen in print anywhere, either in the press or online, or for that matter expressed in any other media outlet is ... **gluten is good for you** ... and to be perfectly honest, if I did see someone rendering its praises - I would be disinclined to believe them!


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