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Stomach ulcers ? LOW or HIGH stomach acid? Would ACV help?


My son, 30, has had a coeliac test endoscopy today duye to having "negative TTG antibodies". He has to wait 2 weeks for his results.

During the investigation he was told he has 3 x 2mm stomach ulcers beginning near the lower valve in the stomach. They took 3 biopsies from the duodenum and stomach. Can anyone advise whether the ulcers would be due to LOW or HIGH stomach acid? or something else entirely? He was advised to stop any Ibuprofen and to take Panadol only for his back pain. He only takes painkillers when he really can't manage at all as he has years of managing with heat packs, cold packs, tens machine, adjusting posture. pilates etc.

His main symptoms are excessive fatigue from mid teens. lots of hypothyroid type symptoms but bloods in range (haha). Debilitating back, neck and shoulder pain from early infancy, poor concentration, memory etc despite high achieving at uni level ; worse especially with low blood sugar, poor sleep. Cold extremities. His synacthen test was "fine" (again haha).whilst his adrenal saliva test showed low cortisol throughout the day.

Back x ray showed all "fine" - they did the wrong area of his back!

He has had food sensitivties in the past eg citrus potatoes etc but theses seem less acute at the moment . . .

We have a number of auroimmune conditions in the family from severe nut allergy, to Hashimoto's.

He lives alone so I am trying to stock him up with gluten free foods before he goes home again should I be adding anything else to his store cupboard.


S xx

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Hi Sarah, in my opinion your son needs to see his GP about this, when you have the results unless he has a referral appt at the hospital. Here's a NHS link about ulcers and their causes:

I am also confused by why he has to wait 2 more weeks when they have seen the ulcers so presumably have seen his villi?

So I am sorry but I think that you both have to be patient and I also feel that you're jumping the gun by starting him off on a gluten free diet prior to diagnosis. Being diagnosed as a coeliac is for life so I'd let him enjoy his favourite foods until he knows for sure. It might be a good idea if he took iron and multivitamins in the meantime but I would still speak to the chemist just to be on the safe side.

Good luck and if he is diagnosed as a coeliac then just point him in this direction as he will be in good company on here.


Thanks Jerry - Have spoken to the pharmacist and emailed his physio. Hope to see GP tomorrow :-)

It's a bit awkward as he is working away from home at the moment and a long way from his doctor! The local one where he is staying at the moment has a sign saying no room for new patients on the door !


Is there an NHS walk-in centre?


Ulcer could be bacterial - he'll get antibiotics. Don't self-diagnose whether to take acid. He doesn't want acid-reflux on top of that (it's hideous). It's fine tuning and can be done with foodstuffs eventually (read up on acid/alkaline forming foods if you think it's that and want to be helpful). I keep reading on here some coeliacs have low stomach acid but I have the opposite. Still, it keeps me from nasty bacteria! Watch iron pills with ulcers - wait for the ok.


Many thanks Jacks - I shall read some more - he has had quite a bit of pain since the biopsies although still going to work.Thanks for your info re iron too. He finds Floradix relly helpful with energy levels so we'll have to see. Lots to learn still ;-)


Thanks for your help Jerry and Jacks - he has now been advised by the gastro surgeon that he needs to see a gastroenterologist as a result of his biopsies, not confirmed coeliac but some indicators - H Pylori has been ruled out. The GP is referring him on.


I do have some information on stomach ulcers I once had horrible acid reflux being that I work in a hospital nurse told me to get tested for H. pylori .most doctors don't test for this They will write you a prescription for whatever Nexium or whatever you have to ask to be tested for H. pylori if that is the cause of your acid reflux then you take an antibiotic that kills it in your acid reflux goes away if you don't ask they won't test you. This was discovered I think around 15 years ago that stomach ulcers were not caused by stress but rather by a bacteria called H. pylori again you have to ask .the blood test is not a hundred percent accurate in detecting it but it certainly the easiest way and in my case it did pick it up that I had H. pylori. A biopsy will definitely catch it or at least it should there's also a thing called a breath test that is very accurate in determining if your son has H pylorie


Thanks lickylicky , good point , in his case the hospital were alert and tested by biopsy. Thanks for checking!


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