What's wrong with me :-(

I have been admitted to hospital with abdominal pain which goes on scale from 10/10 pain to predominantly 6/10 pain , happens when eaten its a crippling pain sometimes and in my stomach low down not in chest -I've been for ultrasound, blood tests, urine tests, ct scan !! Pretty much everything has been ruled out but I still have no answer ! I have no temp and only symptoms I have are pain, feel sweaty then cold but no temperature (it's normal) continually lethargic , dizzy spells ! But my appetite has gone so dizziness may be from this - I am hoping someone on this site may be able to help as I feel like I'm going to be fobbed off ???

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  • Hi Cheeky,

    You sound like you have been having quite a time of it recently.

    I'm sure everyone here will help you as much as they can - please just bear in mind that most of us aren't medically qualified but instead speak from personal experience.

    That said, I'm guessing that you suspect you could have issues with gluten sensitivity or you wouldn't have found your way here. Do any of those tests you mention include a test for Coeliac Disease? If so what was the outcome? Stomach pains are certainly linked to having a gluten intolerance but as you have already realised, it could also be a number of other different things, (which by the sound of it your medical team have been trying to rule out). If you haven't already found it, then Coeliac U.K.'s website has some useful information on signs and symptoms which you might find helpful.

    What have you been told about food intolerances in general? Having a food intolerances is somewhat more common than you might think. I mention it because besides being a Coeliac, I also have an intolerance to dairy and to soya. If I eat any dairy, it leaves me feeling spaced out and dizzy. However as you say, not eating is more likely to cause you to be lethargic and dizzy!

    Also, has anybody spoken to you about vitamin deficiencies? These can also have a dramatic impact on the way you feel.

  • You might look up something called POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). As my own case of POTS was coming on I had symptoms like you describe. There's a kind of home test you can do with a blood pressure cuff called The Poor Mans Tilt Table. It causes dizziness among other things. There's a group called diner.org where you can compare symptoms. Some cardiologists are familiar with it. Good luck and don't lose hope.

  • I get this pain but it was so bad before I got my cealacs diagnosis and I think I have ibs as well so I'm not totally ok on the gluten free diet is it more than one thing that you suffer from.im much better on the gluten free but sometimes it's the contamination rather than the actual food that goes wrong and so it's a hidden problem.

  • Many years ago I used to be sensitive to wheat. The symptoms took about 24 hours to show but they were mainly lethargy, dizziness and feeling very shaky.

    Hope you manage to sort it out soon.

  • Hi Cheeky 113. I suffered this pain for a few years , the only way I can describe the pain it's like labour pains when you have a baby

    , the pain gets to a pitch then dies off like very bad cramps. My pain was caused by Gluten and wheat. I have been on a Gluten free diet for 7 years now and the pain has gone. I used to get sweaty but with no temperature.

  • Hi also I forgot to mention I was in hospital a few times with the pain. The only way to get a result is to have a camera down the throat to get to the upper bowl to take a biopsy . Must be a reason why you keep getting this horrible pain. Talk to your GP .

  • When I went to the ER I was like you in extreme pain. So much that I had difficulties breathing. They did all the tests and couldn't find anything. Pumped me full of vicodine, anti nausea pills. I was so dizzy and sick from the meds. They all came up when I got home. I won't go into a lot of detail, but I had some serious problems because the drugs constipated me.... So my problem is gluten, and soy. Can't eat dairy. I have chosen a vegan diet that is gluten free. After two years I am feeling better. I still have a sensible stomach.

    Get checked for gluten or do an elimination diet.

    Good luck and I truly hope you feel better. My heart goes out to you.

  • I'm so sorry your going through this:( I kind of had the same thing and my mom looked into other ways things can effect the body. I went and saw a Naturipath doc and she did a full DNA work on me finding that there were a lot of foods my body couldn't handle. She said you would be amazed the kind of pain your body can give you if your putting the wrong things in it. I went on a gluten free and paleo diet and I have noticed a major change in my health:) I hope this helps!

  • Sounds horrendous. I had something similar about 12 years ago and was ambulances into hospital 5 times, Liu on morphine and a drip resulting in no pain and swelling in stomach disappearing. Had all the usual tests, including an MIR scan. Fortunately on the 5th occasion it was a different Consultant who suggested a laporotemy to see what was going on and found a gangrenous appendix which he duly removed and saved my life! Not suggesting that may be what you have but mention your appendix to them. Five years after that I was diagnosed Coeliac! All the best.

  • Ouch , sounds like you are having a tough time. It also sounds as if your doctors are being very thorough. When you first described your symptoms I thought of things like diverticulitis and crohns, but they would certainly have caused inflammatory markers like ESR and CRP to be raised.

    Severe pain can also be caused by gastric or duodenal ulcers but again they would certainly have been seen in the barrage of tests yo have had.

    I guess describe your symptoms very carefully, keep a note of when where and how they happen. What you were doing etc..

    I hope all is resolved soon

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