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How long should one consume gluten before having blood test for coeliac disease?

My yonger son (diagnosed as a baby) and partner (diagnosed recently symptomless only anemia) are both on strict gf diets. My older son advised to have blood test to see if he also has inherited the condition. As we are gluten free household now wanted to know how long he should eat gluten before getting the blood test?

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You may find that reading NICE guidelines CG86 quite useful. They are the recommendations that the NHS should be following when treating people suspected of having coeliac disease.

They are freely available and easily googled.

Good luck with your son.


I had been eating a gluten free diet for a couple of months when I was told I would have to eat it again for the test - the doctor told me to eat gluten for around 8 weeks, which I did and got a positive result.


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