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How long between gluten ingestion and vomiting for those with CD?


My 3 year old son was diagnosed with CD and started a GF diet in August. Since then he has had a few vomiting incidents (he used to randomly vomit frequently before diagnosis).

For most of these incidents (including one after the Coeliac UK kids christmas party) we have not got to the bottom of what caused it, but are sure it was some kind of gluten incidents and not a tummy bug. The latest incident was last night after eating out at Carluccio's off the gluten free menu.

My question (before I call Carluccio's) is, for those who experience vomiting as a result of contamination, roughly how long does it take between ingestion and vomiting? I would hate to call Carluccios if it turnes out to be as a result of contamination from playing with his friends earlier in the day.



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personally I react very quickly to getting glutened, sometimes within minutes of ingestion. It could be that something in the gluten free diet is affecting him. I cannot eat gluten free products made with soya or corn as I react to both. Have you restricted his dairy intake at all? Some people have issues with dairy products, fortunately I am not one of them Hope you get it sorted out.


Yes I am allergic to wheat but have Coeliac disease as well. I was diagnosed about eight months ago by the endocrinologist. I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis through having untreated Coeliac diseasefor years. I react to both corn and soya unfortunately.


Hiya I know exactly how you are feeling, both my son and daughter were exactly the same with vomiting before being diagnosed.In answer to your question my daughter put her spoon in her brothers empty wheatabix bowl and put it back in her mouth. It was about 5am the next morning the vomiting started and that lasted for 5 days.


i am very sensative to gluten and it is rare that i eat some, however if i do make a mistake then it takes about 30 mins before my stomach rejects it. hope this helps.


Hi Doods28. Reaction times vary. For many coeliacs it's around 45mins to get some reaction from being glutened - although that is an adult reaction time and for a child this may differ.

It's always hard to know with kids if they're reacting to the food or to a stomach bug. I've already had 3 this year (!) and I if I wasn't so anal about avoiding gluten I'd have easily laid blame at many things I'd eaten.

What did he have off the GF menu?

Has your son been tested for reactions to other foods? I'm wondering if the vomiting is due to another problem or food intolerance? Of course you could speak to the mgr of Carluccios and simply say that you'd like to check how they prepped the food and explain your child's reaction without actually laying the blame at them. They may say they take every precauction and discuss their procedures to avoid cross contamination. Or they may admit they slipped up and other people complained.


Hi and thanks everyone for your responses.

I am sure that my sone was 'glutened' at some point as he has a very specific reaction in which he vomits briefly then gets tired, he doesn't get upset or have a temp like he usually would if it was a tummy bug. He does get tired and irritable for up to a week afterward.

He is fine with codex, lactose, soya, and corn and only rarely has a reaction (his last one was December). WE have never been able to pinpoint the gluten source so I don't know how long his reaction takes, but the last 2 times have been about 6 hours after he has eaten food not prepared by us.

He only had pasta and pesto and ice cream so there is nothing too dubious and more likely to be some kind of cross-contamination.

Of course I can't be sure that Carluccios are to blame and would simply ask them to review their procedures - I have contacted them so will se what they say.

Thanks again,



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