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Hi, I'm new to being gluten free: I have ME and recently saw a private specialist to. From my consultation I was put on a special diet because I suffer from a number of intolerances. I've been told to follow a Paleo diet but also have something called fermenting gut so am sensitive to some Paleo foods.... The result - a VERY limited diet. I am also dairy intolerant (yep, you thought it couldn't get worse! Haha) anyway, I recently set up a blog to keep me busy while I'm in recovery. I decided to post about my intolerance because I have really struggled to find ingredients that are gluten free, wheat free, yeast free etc. (trying to find something that's free from all these AND dairy free is difficult) anyway (sorry if I'm rambling) I came across a site that was really helpful it's called Inspiral they do some fab foods that ware free from a number of food nasties (dairy, wheat, gluten), I thought it might help to share it with others. They do some lovely chocolate that is free from dairy (made with coconut milk) and some great cakes (which I can't have, but look great for those who only have a gluten intolerance) ... If you know of any other websites please let me know. I am currently looking for stock cubes that are wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy free... Ay ideas?? Thanks. Emma :)

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  • I am not a coeliac but my boyfriend is so hav to b careful. .I buy knorr stock the one tht looks bit like jelly..I dont kno if its dairy free but worth a look. Thank you for the website boyfriend was also impressed. X

  • Thank you ceribean, I'm glad you found the website useful. I've looked at the knorr jelly pots and they have a few things in that I can't have :( but thank you for the suggestion. I've found a website called that do an allergy and intolerance section. I found some stock cubes here by kallo. ;) phew! At last haha

  • This site has a large variety of foodstuffs.

    I have failed to find a stock cube that is ok, so I make up a 'stock base' using celery, carrots and onion, cooked in butter (I think it's a "mille poix" in French).

  • Thanks Penelope, I've found one that uses a similar principe ( it's made by kallo. I will take a look at your link - I'm slowly building a list of useful sites. It makes more since than scouring the shops and coming away with nothing - thank you :)

  • Blimey, you have got a lot to deal with there, makes me feel lucky to be just GF. I am off milk at the moment as well as I still have stomach problems so I'm seeing if it's lactose related. Thanks for the link the the website looks a goos source. You should post a link to your blog, would be nice to follow your progress.

    Good luck with it.

  • Haha! Tell me about it Ian, haha. My blog is It wasn't originally set out to talk about my health, lol but has sort of developed and when I realised how difficult it is living with an intolerance I decide to start posting about it. The specialist I see began her work with intolerance and allergy and has a lot of research that suggests dairy is a bigger problem that lactose. I hope you find out what your culprit is! :)

  • Two cookbooks that are very good are 'The Intolerant Gourmet' by Pippa Kendrick and 'Against All Grain' by Danielle Walker

  • Thank you. - I'm going to have a look online for theses, I'm not to bad at adapting recipes, but it would be good to have some recipes to start off with!

  • Marigold bouillon make a gluten and dairy free one in a orangy tub. High quality you can drink it as a hot drink as



  • Hi Kickiel, unfortunately all the Marigold bouillons contain yeast extract (it's something I react to as well)...but otherwise I'd agree it's a good quality product.

  • I did get some and found this out too! It's a shame because my husband tried it and said it was nice! :)

  • Thanks Kickiel, unfortunately it has yeast and a few other things in that I can't have. But thank you for the recommendation. :)

  • I* can't afford the prices on the Inspirational website, but Glutafin do certain products which are gluten, wheat and lactose free if that is any help, which are om my prescription. The substitute flour I use to make all my own cakes and pastries. Good luck.

  • Hi Haydn, yes, I admit the prices are steep. I've bought a few things that I have as a treat but I do make them last! I think I will go and see my GP, you're the second person who's told me that you can get stuff on prescription- that would be a great help. Thank you.

  • Hello Emma, So sorry to hear that you have to suffer with everything else as well as being Coeliac. Sometimes food and drink are our only pleasures in life and can lift the spirit after a bad day! I shop weekly at I find they do a wide range of really different and high quality gf foods and beers/lagers. It was such a godsend to me to find them as I can shop for everything in one place. I do hope you have some success. Good luck and do let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks Ollied, that's a great help, I will take a look at that site. Everyone's been so helpful on here. I would rather shop online and get the things I need that I know I can have than trawl through the shops and come back with nothing! It's a pain dealing with it all- indeed, haha, but I'm made of strong stuff! :D thanks for the recommendation x

  • The Reduced Salt, vegan version of Marigold is yeast free. I get it from the Free From section in Tesco.

  • Thanks, I shall have to look for that. I didn't think anyone did a yeast free stock.

  • Thanks Janer, I will take a look. I'm beginning to think that tescos is the best supermarket around that seems to do a lot of allergy free/ intollerance foods. Good job they deliver lol! X

  • Ooh that's good news Janer, I'll have to see if my Tesco has it (not the best ff section, but I usually avoid it anyway...!). Thanks for letting us know! :)

  • Hello, I use 'Kallo' organic vegetable stock powder, which is gluten and lactose free. I buy from Waitrose but have seen it in other supermarkets. I've recently gone gluten free so am finding it all a bit of a maze, thanks for the ideas.

  • Hi Jennyem, these are the stock cubes I've found! Thank you - they are great. They don't have anything in that I can't have! Brilliant. Thank you. You're a life saver!!

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