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Been totally gluten free for 16 months. Seems a long time but I am learning every day. The latest is hp brown sauce. Just been to Cyprus and on their jars of hp brown sauce it states that it contains gluten. Checked mine when I got home and does not state this only that it contains rye and malt. I'm only just familiarising myself with other gluten products and realised just before going away that coka cola contains malt barley. I had not had for years as its a drink I don't really like but had an inch in the bottom of a glass to quench thirst and had niggly pain for 2/3 days afterwards. Not diagnosed ceoliac but now have diagnosis in writing of gluten intolerance. Have read the up with ceoliac UK and says that very similar to ceoliac symptoms but does not effect the gut and can absorb vits etc. my body does not absorb B12. Foliate or vit D and my consultant has referred me for dexa. He has accepted that I can't eat gluten and given me the next best thing to a diagnosis but following me up as ceoliac. Very happy with this now. But still learning. Put this on just to help new people on here diagnosed or not

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  • Don't know about this in any detail but surely rye contains gluten so they'd be obliged to state it in the allergen list - seems a bit dodgy otherwise! And wish I had a doctor like yours!

  • I have had to stand my ground with the consultant for 2 years and done self management hence why I'm still learning. Saw dietician a few years ago but due to not having diagnosis they could not help me only with starch resistance. When I told the consultant last month that I hadn't eaten wheat gluten for 15 months he then took me seriously and because I had put a stone on in weight( I lost over 2 stone in weight) at my worst my weight is now back to what I should be. At the beginning I put over a stone on as I was that impacted then due to pain I lost over 2 stone. All other conditions ruled out. He has now finally accepted that I am not going to eat it just to get a positive blood test.

  • My doctor has Me noted as intolerant. As I have gone GF since last May I do not want to be tested. But I still get the yearly blood test. Funny I was poorly last night and could not sleep with it. And I had a small sip of coke teatime last night,without thinking. So I know why now? Still got some pain on right side. Any one know of an instant GF gravy. As don't always want to do my own. If I have Gf sausages Ect I would like a quick instant tasty gravy? By the Asda do a really nice organic GF brown sauce. Taste really good as well.

  • Hi tammydog. Whenever I cook meat now a try and save as much stock as I can and freeze it. Then if something needs abit of gravy I can defrost throw in a small pan and had a touch of cornflour. Not found any gf gravy as nice as homemade. Do u have iron deficiency? B12? Foliate/ ferritin/ vit D etc. as ceoliac website states intolerance does not effect your gut or absorbtion. If yours are effected then it prob is ceoliac xx

  • I,m GF and suffer from dermatitis herpetiformis , and the usual bowel problems if food contaminated !!!. Try Bisto granules . Lamb,pork ,beek chicken,vegeatable in the glass jars.GREAT.

  • oh and I always use the meat juices..

  • Good idea. I usually try to cook in bulk for myself and freeze. Not sure why I haven't thought of it with meat juices. I have had bowel probs for 17 plus years and had a resection of the small bowel. Always told IBS. I am well if I stay totally GF. And not on loads of meds anymore. I have family members with problems but not diagnosed. And I do have to be tested yearly for Vit B12, folic acid Ect. So far within limits. I know when I have accidentally been glutoned so to speak. My symptoms return. So that's good enough for me.

  • I'm 48 and can now track back triggers in my life. Swollen glands as a kid (milk) constipation always mum kept taking me to Drs due to this. Diagnosed with IBS at 18 a time in my life when I are sandwiches and pies at work. When I was pregnant with my second child (had past nights with my first child). Again in my 30s when again back on sandwiches and pies and the latest trigger 4 years ago working in a gp surgery where we are always being given cakes and biscuits. The lulls were only when I ate when I was hungry teenage years. When I childminded and cooked completely healthy meals. If you don't get enough stock out of you joint try adding a gf stock cube or ? Bovril spoon to make it go further as I find that by having to add water sometimes it weaken the taste. Can't see any thing in no til that is bad but as said I'm still learning so if any experts on here help please. I have done it before but with always having a constant kick from the brown sauce I'm now not 100 per cent sure. X

  • Cheers , I'm still learning but it is a better way of life and no going back though. Life was awful before also back and forth to doctors. First my mum was told I had a milk allergy....why I threw up. Then constipation...give her special chocolate...as they did then. then years of tummy cramps and mauling and morphine..which I was allergic to it seems,and serious upset tummies... Unable to leave house for a couple of hours in the morning had to be close to loos at all times or be prepared pack... Life is good and I Can actually eat more things now if I leave off gluton.

  • Are you also lactose intolerant (sp.?)? Some people who can't drink milk have a lactose problem.

  • Actually I was very lactose intolerant. But since. Stopping gluten I can have a tiny bit. I use coconut milk or rice milk.but I can have the cup of tea with a little cows milk. Once a day. Or a small cube of hard cheddar. I tend to follow the fodmap diet and have adapted it. Usually.but without any gluten at all. But my mum was told I was intolerant when I was a baby. But she still kept,me on formula as thought it was best at that time.

  • I seem to have a problem with cows milk too and have to space it out. This is my next challenge as it seems to be getting worse. My consultant told me he has every confidence in me to have sorted it or when he sees me again in 6 months. Haha again more self management. Dairy is the one that deffo causes my bloating nausea and lower right sided pain. My concern is with regards to calcium levels. Just finished my first course of vit D and not sure if I'm to continue or not. Should get the answer tomorrow when Drs receptionist asks Dr. Bloods have come back normal but after a very high dose of vitD would of thought they would come back as high! Not had dexa scan yet tho so hopefully get answers from that.

  • All I know is what suits me. No gluten at all. Separate knifes ,butter toasters and utensils. Minimal amount of dairy products. But not tolally intolerant to dairy.but thought I was for 15 years or more? Jim now 63 and has taken many years to get a normal life. But all is good if I stick to it and I can eat loads more now. Just no gluten..easy peasy. Well not quite but better.

  • Koko coconut milk. Contains calcium,b12 and d2. And is delicious and creamy. Best one of all and lovely to drink as well.

  • That's the one I drink only have it in redbush tea. Very nice x

  • Someone posted this link - have a read :) chriskresser.com/3-reasons-...

  • Branded Coca Cola & Pepsi Cola all types are gluten free but some supermarket own brands & cheaper ones do contain barley malt, with the exception of a few.

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