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Join in our 1st Tweet Chat Sat: What Coeliac questions would you like to ask?

Guerrillas, we've been wanting to do this for ages but health problems, work and more health problems got in the way! Finally we have some time and our Guerrillas Nutritionist Robyn will be joining in to help answer questions.

So for Coeliac Awareness Week we'd like to end on a high by sparking debate on Coeliac Disease and busting some myths. Not all Coeliacs have bloating or bowel problems. Not all Coeliacs feel better on a GF diet...

>>So how does it work?

This Saturday from 4-5ish we'll be running a live Tweet chat on 'Beyond the gut' from our twitter account T: gfguerrillas

>>What's it about?

We'll be answering your key questions about Coeliac disease beyond the small bowel & villi damage. After all we all know that not every Coeliac has bowel problems. Many of us have skin issues, fatigue, bone problems, infertility and other auto-immune diseases. There's also the social problems and mental health issues surrounding being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. So for our twitter chat we'll be focusing on issues beyond the small bowel problems.

>> We'd love your input

We know that many of you are fed up feeling ill even on a strict GF diet. Some of you have lots of questions that health professionals don't answer for you. Many of you find sites like ours the best for sharing tips and experiences.

>>Comment below & tell us what questions you'd like 'Beyond the gut'

i.e. when will I feel better, why do I have skin problems, what can I do to improve my bone health, are there any key vitamins and minerals I should take for my immune system etc etc.

We look forward to your questions & if you'd like us to we'll include you're HU GFG forum name on the question so you can follow it to see if yours is included on Saturday.

Feel free to spread the word. Or if you're a shy type just search #CoeliacChat on twitter on Saturday and follow the discussion as it happens!

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