Have you noticed that you now bump into more & more coeliacs?

As diagnosis improves on Coeliac Disease and more food products are created for the Free From market we wondered whether we'll discover more coeliacs when we're out and about.

For example recently I discovered the manager of a bar in town was a newly diagnosed coeliac and at a team evening out at a bowling alley that they all pointed me to the fellow coeliac waiter when I enquired about what was gf on their 'all American' style menu.

What do you think have you started to discover more coeliacs when out and about? Are we really 1 in 100 or higher?

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  • yes i was diagnosed last year and have met a few my doctor told me there was 1 in hudred got it now i think the food we eat isnt the same as it was oh i am 66 so its new to me

  • This is a familiar stat: 1 in 100. In the UK this is usually followed by the statement that only 1 in 8 of the 1 in 100 know they are coeliac so there are plenty more undiagnosed cases about it would seem and many more to come out of the woodwork. Just imagine the number of poor souls feeling tired and rubbish and not knowing why until they hit a crisis point and tip over the edge to full diagnosis.

  • There is about 50 staff were I work, and 1 coeliac other than me. I come from a large family and nobody wants to know if they have cd.

  • Hi all went to a wedding at the weekend over 150 guests. I was the only coeliac. It is always the same.

  • I now have a fellow CD at work, it's great. I suspect that the catering manager either also has it or has a family member with it as he was totally on the ball with my freebie christmas lunch making sure it was in no way contaminated.

    My new colleague was only diagnosed last March so a relative newby but she is an avid baker.....yum!

  • I don't know that many people with coeliac disease, but pretty much every time I am in the "free from" section in the supermarket I see someone else there.

  • I think that less people will be diagnosed as IBS more people with coeliac disease

  • I asked a nurse if maybe I had IBS, she said if we cant find whats wrong, then it must be IBS.I think that less people will be diagnosed as IBS more people with coeliac disease.

  • One of the managers at our local supermarket is coeliac,so we have a great selection of gf foods!

  • Yes, know a lot of Coeliacs, both on line and in person.

    What is really so wonderful...is the help offered around..whether its taste of bread, how to make decent pastry or cakes...or how to help a toddler.

    Coeliac family is growing....(and if anyone knows about g/f kitkats....I am also diabetic...so its a no-no....)

    Take care...

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