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Advice please - SLE & ANA blood test?

So I went to the hospital today to see the gastro doctor... Not seen this feller before, he didn't seem a bit interested in my coeliac, but sent me for blood test because of the rash I have on my face and the fact that since I've gone gluten free my arthritis in my hands has got a lot better.

I'm being tested for SLE and they took loads of blood. Not really sure what that is, I did notice on the blood form it said. DNA, antibodies, Ana what's that mean?


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It means they are testing to see if perhaps you may have Lupus which has a characteristic rash called a butterfly rash on the face. When you have one autoimmune condition it's quite common for others to appear. For instance CD is common with Hashimotos so I hope he is also checking your thyroid. Sjogrens is another one that gets mixed in with these conditions too and often gets misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia.

Try not to worry too much I was told I had this rash on my face recently but tests were negative so I'm being tested again. Antibodies can come and go and you can get false positives so sometimes it's difficult to know what's going on but hopefully you will get a clearer picture once your results come back.


Hi Janie

I had blood tests for lupus as well due to a rash on my face in fact it was these blood tests that led to my coeliac diagnosis due to the fact that I was severely anaemic. I think the ana test stands for something nuclear antibody and generally if it is positive they then go on and do the other tests you have mentioned. I think from the results of these tests they build up a picture of whether you may have other autoimmune diseases. I still have the rash on my face after a year and have had the blood tests you mentioned done twice. The second time the results came out lower when I had followed the GF diet for 10 months so I have now been told it makes it less likely I have lupus. There is a support group for lupus in the Uk which has some useful info online. Hope you get this sorted out soon


Hi Janie you've already been given good advice. I'd just add - if you're unsure of what your Dr is doing - ask ask ask! After all it's your health! You're entitled to know what they're testing for and why.

On a positive note a lot of people actually have rosacea and coeliac disease. This can be due to the balance of flora etc in the small intestine. This can sometimes cause skin problems. Often Rosacea is worse in the sun, wind and anytime you have spicy food or alcohol. It drives me nuts as I developed it after going gluten free. The treatment options are laser therapy (privately), special anti-biotics which can be harsh on the stomach which can re-balance the flora in your gut. Or taking other measures as I have as advised by my Dermy i.e. factor 50 good quality sun block, good primer make up that covers it (green tint can counteract redness), avoiding coffee, spicy food and too much alcohol.

So see what the blood tests reveal and bear it mind that it might not be Lupus. Sounds like you have an on the ball Dr that is testing for all possibilities - they are rare. So ensure you discuss the results well.


Thanks for all the know sometimes ignorance is

Janie x


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