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Blood test result

My doctor took a blood sample for coeliac and the result came back positive. She rang me with the result which was over 1000 which she said she hadn't seen before and she didn't expect the result to be positive because of my symptoms but did one as my brother is a coeliac and has been for a number of years. My question is, even with a positive on the blood test is it still possible for the biopsy to show a negative?

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Yes the biopsy could still be a negative, someone likened it to going fishing in the sea with a bucket & wondering why they didn't catch a fish. Obvioulsy thay can only take samples from a few places & it might just be the places where there os no damage. Anyhow, if you need a definite diagnosis, then go ahead with the biopsy, it's not too bad & you can ask them to put you out completely if you think you will freak out, I knew I would so they did, whereas my Mum, who is obviously braver than me, only had the numbing spray!

To me there seems very little doubt that you have it, what with it being in your family & having a high blood test result, but a firm diagnosis can make it easier for you to give up gluten, you will have annual blood tests to check for vit d, b12 etc, an annual visit to the dietician & at least one bone scan.

With a lot of people it doesn't effect their stomach too much, it will effect another one of their other weak spots, with me, it is my lungs & if I eat gluten I get a horrendous cough, had it for 20 years until I discovered the cause & then after getting tests, I had a firm diagnosis.

So it is worth getting a firm diagnosis, especially if you are still eating gluten at the mo & it will then give you the first piece of the jigsaw in your journey in regaining your health.

Good luck


That you do much for your reply, I must admit I didn't realise it could affect other body parts as In your cade. Very helpful. X


I have been in a very similar situation: my sister had been celiac since she was a child and I am 41 and was only diagnosed last December... definitely go ahead with the biopsy...making sure you carry on eating enough gluten every day before then. In any case...all the best!


Thank you for taking the time to reply, I will indeed go ahead with the biopsy. X


It is recommended all such patients go back on a gluten containing diet prior to

serology/D2 biopsy. Ideally this should be for at least 6 weeks although studies

suggest 70-80% of patients will show changes after 2 weeks. It is recommended the

gluten containing diet contains at least 5-10g of gluten once or twice a day for this

period of time. Four slices of white bread typically contains 6-10g. (An average

serving of pasta typically 5-10g.) On checking serology it is essential ALL patients

have IgA levels checked. There is an association between IgA deficiency and coeliac

disease (approximately 3% coeliac patients are IgA deficient – see above) and this is

the most common reason for a false negative. If there is a strong suspicion of coeliac

disease despite a negative serology test (e.g. family history) then referral to a

specialist for consideration of a D2 biopsy may still be appropriate


Source of above information.


Thank you very much for this information. X

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You're very welcome :D


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