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Life Almost 5 years post Group B Strep?

I would like to first hope and pray that I do not scare or offend anyone. But, I would love to get thoughts, prayers, and offer advice help and guidance for others.

On February 3, 2010 me and my then husband welcomed a pretty little girl into the world, and we named her Julianna. We were so happy. I had a normal pregnancy, negative Group B cultures, and she passed all her test after birth with flying colors. We went home to live life, on day 5 she had a temp of 105, we went to the er and they collected a sample of her spinal fluid, and she went down hill from then. By that evening she was in the PICU of the vent getting a blood transfusion. She spent one week on the vent, and then three weeks in the hospital on antibiotics. It took forever to get here WBC count down. Every test in the world was done. When we were finally released she was nursing again, and we had to follow up with tons of doctors.

Julianna Today; Julianna has extensive brain damaged. She has developmental delays, speech delays (she can say some words; but, still babbles or resorts to crying), she is has no hearing in her left ear, some vision issues, and she is easily frustrated. She is potty trained, not issues walking; however, she is in OT because she has issues with fine motor skills. The started special education pre-K Aug 2014. She is in OT, Speech Therapy, and on Kepra for seizures. She physically looks like a normal 4 year old. She is cute, with long hair, pretty huge brown eyes, a sassy attitude, and she is very fashionable. LOL. She keeps me very busy. She has pre-k half day, OT 1X a week, Speech therapy 2x a week, and tons of doctor appointment. She bosses her baby brother around, and she is the perfect Big Sis. Everyday she is teaching me more and more. We do have our issues with me and her getting frustrated; but, we make it..

Before separating, me and my ex-husband did have another child. I was a pain in the butt during the end of my pregnacy, and my planned c-section (the baby was breech). I kept reminding my nurses, doctors, and everyone that came in the room I needed Antibiotics. LOL. But, our second child was normal, healthy, and he was the best thing for Julianna. I would love to have more children in the future if I were to marry again. If a man could handle our lifestyle.

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The best contact I know is gbss.org.uk. Good luck for your future.


Thank you for sharing your story and so sorry to read about all the problems that Julianna has faced but at the same time congratulations on the safe arrival of you son. I hope you don't mind me asking as I'm unsure but was Julianna diagnosed with a Group B Strep infection and are you based in the UK?. Please do visit our website gbss.org.uk if you require any further information or you can e-mail info@gbss.org.uk where we will be more than happy to try and answer any questions you may have.


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