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Advise on second pregnancy

just wanted to ask anyone who has gone through this, our first baby died during labour from GBS and my biggest worry through the next pregnancy is going into labour early, our first baby died before I was classed as being in established labour. The thought terrifies me, we're hoping to have a c section next time for less risc but also to keep us calm not worry through another normal labour.

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Hi hun, im really sorry for your loss. It must be really hard for you. Are you pregnant now? I have been told i have GBS but they will give me antibiotics in labour for the baby. I have read somewhere that a C-section doesnt lower the risks hun. Im sure a proper person will answer this the best they can for you as they did for me. There is another lady on here that contacted me through this site that went through the same as you and i wonder if its worth putting you in touch with her? Good luck, hope you get some answers soon, love and hugs xxx


Hi there,

I'm so sorry to hear your first baby died from GBS infection - how awful for you all. Please accept my sincere condolences, it's a dreadful thing to have happened.

Facing another pregnancy after such a tragedy is of course very difficult, but knowing about the GBS risk will mean that you and your health professionals can take this into account when making decisions about your care.

GBS can cause all kinds of problems but, thankfully, usually the mother's and the baby's defence mechanisms work just fine (which is why there is around one GBS infection in every 1,000 babies born in the UK, despite the fact that around one in four carry GBS) and all is well. Plus, because of what happened with your first baby, steps can be taken to minimise the risk of infection in your next baby..

I would hugely suggest that you make an appointment to talk with a consultant obstetrician to discuss your full gynaecological and obstetric history and together to work out a plan specific to you for this pregnancy, including addressing the GBS risk. Because of your first baby's GBS infection, you should automatically be offered intravenous antibiotics as soon as possible whenever your labour has started in any future pregnancy.

Good luck - please do call us at GBSS on 01444 416176 if we can help at all, or email us at info@gbss.org.uk.


I'm so so sorry for your loss. If you read my blog this may help..... "Losing a child through Group B Strep Infection".

I was also told and had in writing that if we were to try again I would have extra scans and also antibiotics in labour or before if any signs are showing prior to this.

You really need to get back in touch with your obstetrician or ask your midwife these questions and get guarantees this will be the case. If you have had a child previously with Strep B whatever the outcome should monitor you more closely and if you feel that your not happy and they are not doing this for you, you need to keep on until your happy and comfortable. I am lucky this was all set out for me for my next birth (if we do that is) on my follow appointment after Jack's birth.

I really hope this helps you and if you would like to keep in touch you can find me on Facebook.....Lisa Lawrence and my profile picture is of our gorgeous Jack with his toys which I sure would have been he's favourite.

Will be thinking of you xx



I have recently given birth to a baby who had a severe GBS infection as well as swallowing meconium.

I was advised at all hospitals that i attended (she had to be transferred to a specialist unit in a different hospital) that it is my responsibility to ensure that everyone is aware during any further pregnancies that i have - midwives, obstetrician, consultant etc. Ensure that they are aware you need antibiotics in labour at least 4 hours before delivery.

A C-Section will not necessarily lower the risk, as soon as waters have broken, baby is at risk of catching the infection, so it can happen in a C-Section too.

I think the option i may go for is to be induced early and then ensure i am admitted and have antibiotics as soon as possible and for as long as possible. Even having the antibiotics does not mean the baby will definately not catch GBS, it just lowers the risk.

At the moment I have been so traumatised by what happened to me, that i am not even sure i will have any more children.


Hi there,

I'm so sorry for your loss.

My six year old son has cerebral palsy from GBS meningitis at 2 days old.

14 months ago I gave birth to a healthy little girl and I was a complete wreck until she was safely in my arms. And then nervous still until she was 3 months old.

I ended up being induced so that I could get my IV antibiotics. The induction took forever and I actually ended up having 7 lots of antibiotics in total.

I also had a consultation with my sons paediatrician in the pregnancy and he put a care plan in my notes for her for the neonatal period.

I think a c section is a good idea. It took us a good few years to find the courage to have another baby but I'm so glad we did. The worry was all worth it.