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Not being offered IV antibiotics for positive test????


I am quite concerned and really want a birth plan in place as soon as possible. I have an appointment on Monday where they say I should be able to discuss this with the midwife.

This is my second baby. I wasn't tested first pregnancy and things went fine. This time I am worried with all I hear. I tested positive for Group B strep at 14 weeks, i hear once your positive they should treat you as positive and give you the antibiotics.

So, the obstetrician said to me that they do not routinely offer the antibiotics to GBS positive women, I really want to push for these antibiotics. The problem is that my first labour was only 4 hours so I will not have enough time for the antibiotics. I am asking to be induced at 38 plus 3 days as my daughter arrived 38 plus 6 days so when I am induced I can have the antibiotics. This is what I want to request. Is there anywhere on the guidelines which say that we should routinely be offered the antibiotics??? I need something to back me up. I had 8 early losses before this pregnancy so I want it all organized.

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Hi Orangepie. Congratulations on your pregnancy! And I completely understand you want to get this organised, particularly after your early losses (I'm so sorry).

Yes, the UK guidelines that cover offering antibiotics in labour say that this should happen if GBS has been detected during the current pregnancy. They are:

NICE Antibiotics for Neonatal Infection - which says

"Offer intrapartum (in labour) antibiotic prophylaxis using intravenous benzylpenicillin to prevent early-onset neonatal infection for women who have had:

- a previous baby with an invasive group B streptococcal infection

- group B streptococcal colonisation, bacteriuria or infection in the current pregnancy."

RCOG Greentop Guideline No 36 - which says:

"Clinicians should offer IAP (intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis) to women with GBS bacteriuria identified during the current pregnancy.

" and

"IAP should be offered if GBS is detected on a vaginal swab in the current pregnancy."

So the UK guidelines are really quite clear - I'm not sure what evidence has been used to determine the stance of your obstetrician. You might like to ask. And I'd be interested to know which trust you're at?

Hope this is helpful. Do contact us at and/or 01444 416176 if we can help at all.

Best wishes,


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Oh fab! This is great ! I'll print this and take this to them on Monday :) thank you for your reply

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I'll update you after my appointment

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Yes, they said as soon as I feel I am having any contractions rush to the hospital and they will ensure check and get my antibiotics ready :). They put a alert sticker on the file so it's the first thing that will flag up, so makes me a bit more relaxed now. I will read more on the site you mentioned so I am clued up about things.

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Update I was offered these in the end but had an emergency c section in the end.


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