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I'm Hannah, I'm 24 from Norfolk. I had my little boy Kyle in February this year (2013), my pregnancy was really good and the first time I knew anything was wrong was when I was being rushed from MLBU to the delivery suite! They couldn't find Kyle's heartbeat very well and I had developed a high temp. When Kyle was finally delivered, he wasn't breathing, very floppy and not crying. Luckily the doctors realised he had an infection due to my high temp and that my waters smelt very bad (sorry for tmi) so they started him on a general antibiotic as soon as he reached NICU. At the time they didn't know exactly what the infection was so had to do a lumber puncture. Throughout our 3 weeks in NICU Kyle had to have an MRI on his brain, an ultrasound on his kidneys, needles in his head to monitor the seizures he was having and many other things. Unfortunately for us the torture did not finish when we left the hospital, we had to go for endless blood test due to Kyle having a raised lactate level. We are now waiting for a date for when Kyle will have a biopsy on his muscle and skin tissue from his thigh, I'm just praying this will give us some answers. The question I ask is why is not every pregnant woman test, if it can prevent the horrendous experience my family have been put through it seems money well spent!

I just hope the next time I have a baby it will be an enjoyable one.

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Sorry to hear about your bad experience but I do wonder sometimes if somethings can be prevented but what I learn during pregnancy is that anything can happen at any given time, I have 7 miscarriages and still without a child, I am 8 weeks pregnant now and last week I went for a scan and everything was fine and the following day I started bleeding and ending up in A&E, I discover that I had subchoronic hematema, now I have never heard of it in my entire life and never knew it exist but yet it's rear in pregnancy but I end up having it. How unfair life can be ? Now I am on bed rest and bleeding and passing clots of brown blood, now am I still pregnant ? I am not sure. I am up very early this morning because I cannot sleep or rest because I have scan today that I have been waiting for, I count the days down so much so, it took over my thoughts.

Baby born with all kind of different illnesses that doctor cannot picked up during your pregnancy. With that been said with your infection it sounds as if your have strep b group that you should have receive antibiotic for hours before labour. You should have a swab test done for it before you give birth. Am just guessing but it could well be that. Strep b group is so much common in pregnancy that I find it very difficult to understand as to why the NHS don't let pregnant women aware of this deadly infection that lie dormant in our bodies, it only flares up during pregnancy. I had strep b group but never knew I had it until I had my last miscarriage at 19 weeks, they did a swab test and found out I am a carrier. At lest I am knowledgeable in that area now so I know what to expect and what to demand during this pregnancy if all goes well today.

Now it's almost 7am and I am typing while I am counting down the time for my scan which is mid day so I have a few hours left ahead but I need something to keep my mind occupied while I am waiting. It's a very difficult time I am going through just now and is only who have the experience knows the depths of it. I only hope your little man make it through in flying colors, don't forget even though he maybe tiny but trust me they are always a fighter, no matter how tiny a baby is, they are built with rein enforcement to fight for life, you maybe there worrying but he's saying I am going to make no matter what, I am fighting for my dear life that you gave me, so cheer up and look at it from a positive perspective that he will make it. I will keep you update of my scan today. How am I going to face the stenographer today is my biggest hurdle because my heart is about to collapse.


Hi Hannah, We're so sorry to hear about Kyle's infection, what a difficult you and your family must be going through. It sounds like it could be a GBS infection? You can find lots of helpful information on our website there are two leaflets available that could help 'If your baby was infected with GBS' and 'Understanding your baby's GBS infection'' alternatively call us in the office on 01444 416176 for a chat or email, Wishing Kyle a full and speedy recovery.