Recurrent GBS now 25 weeks

Hi, I'm now 25 weeks pregnant with my second child and GBS showed up in my first urine test done about 8 weeks. Since then I've had 4 courses of amoxicillin and although it clears up for a few days, it always comes back. I've just had my midwife on the phone and she says I have it again but we should just leave it as the antibiotics clearly aren't working and I'm asymptotic anyway. Is GBS a risk during the actual pregnancy or is it just labour when it's a concern. What should I do? Midwife seems unconcerned. I have a consultant appointment in 4 weeks anyway and she said just wait till then and discuss it with the consultant... Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Hi Taxitaker and congratulations on your pregnancy! It's good to know that you carry GBS because it means that you can take preventative steps to minimise the risk of GBS infection in your baby. Because GBS has been found during your current pregnancy, you should be offered intravenous antibiotics (usually Penicillin G) as soon as possible from the start of your labour and at intervals (4 hourly for PenG) until delivery. This reduces the risk of GBS infection developing in your newborn baby massively.

    GBS in the urine needs treatment and, as it keeps coming back, we strongly suggest you make an appointment to talk with a consultant obstetrician (a senior doctor specialising in obstetrics) to discuss this and together to work out a plan specific to you for this pregnancy, including addressing the GBS risk. Given the repeated GBS urine infections, they may want to consider putting you on a suppressive course of antibiotic and may also want to do investigations to establish why you are getting recurrent infection, although this may have to wait until your baby is born.

    Good luck - please do call us at GBSS on 01444 416176 if we can help at all, or email us at I hope your pregnancy continues completely uneventfully!

  • Thanks so much for your response. I will speak to my midwife again and ask for a referral although not sure how willing she'll be. I'll hound her until she gives me some answers! Thanks again.

  • Your consultant obstetrician will, I'm sure, be keen to allay your concerns and do all s/he can to ensure all is well. You could contact him/her direct, rather than going through your midwife ....

  • I would suggest you call Group B Strep Support who are lovely and have Ben running the charity to promote awareness 01444 416 176. To the best of my knowledge (I'm not a medical person) the main problem is during labour when you should be given intravenous antibiotics but Jane Plumb and the team at Group B Strep will give you the full info. Take a look at too for information. Good luck x

  • Should have said 'been' running not Ben!

  • We wondered who Ben was :)

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