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Break from itraconazole

I had a consultant appointment last week & she mentioned that I probably should have a break from itraconazole (I've been on it 2.5 years), but my readings were still too high to stop.

I wondered, what is the consequence of staying on it (liver function was mentioned) & if you come off is it normal to go back on - she said 'have a break', not stop?

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I have just come down from 400mg to 200mg and hopefully by the start of June to none - then to see my consultant who has basically said that he wants me to be on them during autumn/winter and spring/summer give free of them, but we shall see how it goes.

I think we were diagnosed at pretty much the same time.

All the best

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This is good management of your drugs by your doctor. Antifungals can be quite toxic so use is carefully monitored and as your breathing stabilises your doctor might give you a break from taking them to try to limit any side effects. If your breathing subsequently get worse you can go back on the antifungal.


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