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Non-expensive help for a fungal nail infection?

Hi all, hope your Monday isn't going too awful lol...

I'm needing some help with a fungal nail infection I have in the toes in my right foot.

I have been using Excilor -which is a diddy 3,3 ml(!) bottle and have been using it as instructed every day. It seemed to have been making some sort of difference to the infection because I had a hard toenail that had curled over a bit before, and after using the Excilor for a few weeks it was able to be clipped off.

The problem is, I tipped the remaining solution by accident and now I've got none left!

The Excilor cost me £17 from Superdrug and I really can't afford to keep buying it at the moment due to financial/work issues... I need a good, proven remedy which also won't break the bank!

Thank you for reading and I'd appreciate some good advice

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Could you try tea tree oil mixed with a little olive oil? Coconut oil is also good for fighting fungal infections. Massage it in and around the whole area. Jason do a good tea tree oil - I think it's called Nail Saver for fungal infections. It definitely helps.


Yeah I've looked up about that. I'm not 100% sure what to use as I'm abit concerned that if I don't have a product that I know is definitely/very likely to get rid of it I'm gonna be stuck with it lol!


Fungal infection of the nail is something your doctor can advise you on and presumably give you a treatment on prescription, however they can be difficult to treat and you seem to have found something that works so I think you should stick with it. Get another bottle. Sorry!


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