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Allergic aspergillosis

I have been ill for 3/4 yrs now seems to be getting worse. It's allergic aspergillosis. I have been on steroids An numerous antibiotics which I'm on at present and now I will be starting 6month treatment steroids and anti fungal treatment which I've not tried yet. Has anyone had any success with anti fungal treatment? I'm at my wits end now and hoping to just feel normal

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If you are in UK you might feel more in control if you attend the National Aspergillosis Centre in Manchester, or perhaps the Brompton Hospital in London. Some specialist management might improve matters. There is also a Facebook support group that can be invaluable

Allergic aspergillosis is something that can be managed very effectively for many years, but it is not currently possible to cure it completely.


hi Im new on here and have just seen your post, I have suffered from asthma for 29 years (diagnosed at 11) over the last 7 years it has become worse, I self referred to Breathing Space which is run by NHS it is not in the main hospital it is a separate building just dealing with breathing problems. Dr Miles sent me for CT Scan and immediately diagnosed me with ABPA he put me straight on Itraconazole (antifungal) slowing increasing to 400mg per day 200 am and 200 pm. I began these in October 2015. He has sent me for repeated CT Scans which have shown a reduction in the ABTA and would like me to continue for another 6 months on the medication before trying to wean me from them. I feel so much better since starting the Itraconazole they have made a massive difference to my life, I also take Loratadine aswell but was on these prior to being treated by DR Miles. I do occasionally have a bad flare up and need some steroids to help me bt nothing to how I was before, hope the anti fungal treatment works for you too.


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