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Post op aspergillus breathing problems normal?

Hi there im new to this forum I just had a left upper lobe wedge resection on August 17 which was a aspergillus golf ball. I cant take deep breaths properly sometimes at moment can only do walking for 30 mins a day then i need a nebuliser or inhaler as tightens chest and produces lovely thick sputum as im asthmatic. Im 42 and the weird think is before it was took out i was doung a hour a day on wxcercise bike and two miles on treadmill!!

Also my peak flow is down massivly from 550 to 400 is this normal?

I get 3000-3500 on incentive spirometer is that goid?

Anyone have advice on what excercises i should be doing three weeks post op and is the peak flow resuction normal?

Many thanks.

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You are asking for clinical opinion specific to your case and it is best that we do not attempt an answer to questions like yours without complete knowledge of your case. Only your doctors can do that properly so I would suggest you direct your questions at your clinical team. In terms of surgical recovery I think they are your first port of call.

If you feel unhappy with their comments with respect to aspergillosis then they or you can contact the National Aspergillosis Centre for further help - see nationalaspergillosiscentre...

In general terms I would imagine that there will still be some impact on your breathing after such a recent major operation for some time. Exercise is encouraged but under guidance and gently at first - it is very easy to overdo it in your situation.

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How are you doing now? I am envious of your peak flow. So don't think you have anything to worry about! Take things easy. You will get better and better over time. Exercise a little at a time. A little and often is good just now. Don't overdo it. When you feel tired stop. Contact the hospital where you had your op if you have any problems. Don't think that your concerns are silly if you need to ask your Doc or the hospital about something that is worrying you then do so. Good Luck to you and I am sure you will soon be back to your normal self.


Hey freefaller thanks for the reply hope your well. Well its six weeks post op now got a nebuliser that helps when needed. Feelin the pain now as the nerves and muscle reconnecting and realising i may have overdone it this week. I was out for four hours shopping pushing missus in wheelchair. I paid for that all week with pain when breathing in and tight chest lol then the numbness wore off and brewthing in is painful at incision site and where they spread my ribs

Heat wrap and ice pack helped and up to walking up stairs a bit and walking around as much as possibble and doing physio.

Before op peak flow was 550 now still 400 which is weird

If you dont mind me asking how come they never offered you surgery?

I was never offered anti fungal tablets when they found mine and it was a case of its bleeding and growing get it out now. On the plus side im glad u didnt have surgery and yours is shrinking 😊

Stay well and take care and thanks again.

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I suppose there are different types of nodule. Mine, as far as I know, was not bleeding. However, had I not been referred to NAC I would most likely have had surgery here. I was told at th start of the treatment that I could stillI end up having surgery. I suppose there is always a chance of that in the future.

You really should not over do things, you know that because you have paid for it. Take things easy. I imagine it will take a long time to get over this your body has survived quite a vicious assault and a general anaesthetic it can take 6 weeks just to get over the anaesthetic I have been told. Maybe you are expecting too much too soon. Good Luck with your recovery.


Hopefully you dont need surgery freefaller as mine was a dead cavitation (nice!)Its weird because after it even the day after your told to start excercise pulmo etc lol. Its just hard to get the exvercise right when your up and doen and before surgery i was very active. Mine could of been from overuse of oral steroids, compost(i was a gardener) or mold in a bedroom.

Getting air filtration ststem for winter, wooden floors in bedroom if i can get soneone to fit them and dehumidifier. You can even get ir from old pillows lol. Weird after i got this i found outs its quite common even thiugh my doctor saud its rare

Take care


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