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Candida in Ear??? Help

Hi wondering if anyone can shed any light on this please?

I have had an ear infection for over 4 weeks now and I have sinus problems all the time I am forever at the dr's with my sinuses and have been nasally all my life, I have had 3 different antibiotics for my current ear infection and nothing, I had the Hopi Candle and she said I had Wheat Candida, and she said I had a wheat intollerance. I went to the dr with this information and he sent me for blood tests to check Celiac screen and others to check about food.

Has anyone else had any similar things happen? He gave me tablets called Flucoxen ( I think) and I don't feel any different.

Also I have a really sore throat

Any advice? Thanks S x

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Sorry to hear of your illness sounds painful., I have ABPA and use to have a sinus infection every month until I started doing a Nasal Rinse with Nedi Rinse, I always do 2/day one in the morning and at the end of the day. If I feel an infection coming on I will do 4 rinses a day and it feels great after the rinse. I also use Nasonex to kill the bacteria. I've been using it for about 9 months everyday. It's saved me from using so many antibiotics. I'm not resistant to many antibiotics and have just been diagnosed with pseudomas so it's important to stay antibiotic fee.


As for the ear infection. I had an ear infection once that took me to the A&E in the middle of the night. After 6 months with no result from one doctor and went to another doctor who confirmed it was a fungus in my ear, similar to foot fungus. he advised the cause could be letting your hair dry naturally and it covers your ears letting moisture set in. Don't know if this would apply to you or make sense. I have never had an earache again and my hair is towel dried well.


Hi SJ, I recently figured out that I had systemic candida. I now realize that I have had it for over 20 years, but only in the last 10 years did the worst of the things start occurring. And yes, for me I did develop very strange and painful earaches that would last an unusual amount of time, and yes, i had esophageal candida overgrowth, which I now know was the reason for my chronic sore throats. I am not a doctor, but I speak from experience, so what I would recommend is take a look at the lists of symptoms for candida. Some symptom lists are more complete than others, so look at a few. If you have other symptoms, then it is very likely that may be your issue. Also, you can have your doctor take a stool sample and test it, and there is also a home test you can do. There is the spit test which costs you no money, or I believe there is home blood tests you can buy online too. If you do have candida, take it seriously. Mine ended up affecting my brain, and it was very scary watching my memory and train of thought slowly dwindle away while many doctors kept telling me I was fine. Good luck to you. Best regards, Seraphim

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fry garlic clove in olive oil dip cotton wool in while warm and put ni easrs works a treat


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