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Fungal skin infection linked to mouldy patch in bedroom?

Fungal skin infection linked to mouldy patch in bedroom?


I'm new on this forum.

I had an occurrence of Psoriasis in December which was followed by what what diagnosed as a fungal infection. The infection is extensive covering my legs, sides, back, arms, hands and occasionally the beard area of my face. It looks like ringworm but in hundreds of locations which spread outwards in red rings leaving a silvery grey clear patch inside the ring. On my hands it has formed patches of small brown scabs. It is incredibly itchy (especially at night) and responds to topical application of apple cider vinegar (as you would expect with ringworm) and drastically improved after a few days lying in the sun and swimming in the sea. However, the infection is now systemic in that it keeps recurring, sometimes returning to completely cover all the areas overnight which looked like they were healing, especially on the very odd occasion I have consumed beer or wine.

Yesterday my nutritionist gave me hope by telling me that she had seen many fungal infections in patients who had mould growing in their homes. We had a patch of black mould on the wall next to our bed which appeared shortly before I developed this condition but which has since disappeared after we stopped using the en suite bathroom, sponged the the wall and dried it with a heater. I am unsure whether this is the cause and even if so whether there are still spores present. I am unable to defeat this persistent infection. My diet is generally excellent, I am fit and well in every other way, I don't drink alcohol and I keep very clean and wash all clothes and bedding regularly.

The issue continues in that following 2 incorrect diagnoses from doctors (pityriasis and I paid a large amount of money to get another diagnosis, at which point the doctor took a sample of the skin infection to send for analysis. She also prescribed an oral course of anti-fungal medicine - Sporonox Pulse (Itraconozole) - which has had no effect at all. The lab results came back today as showing no fungal growth at all! Despite this my feeling is still that this is a fungal condition.

I am now completely lost as to how to proceed and desperately hoping that someone who reads this has had or seen similar symptoms and can provide some useful advice or information.

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It is unlikely that the patch of mould in a damp spot on a wall in your house would trigger a case of ringworm, not least because they are caused by different fungi.

The lab results suggest that the infection has either cleared up or it was not a case of ringworm. If the symptoms remain then further investigation is needed for other types of infection or perhaps ongoing psoriasis - a referral to a dermatologist perhaps?


You say you had a patch of black mould appear on your bedroom wall shortly before this condition appeared .First thing to check out is if you have black mould growing on hidden surfaces of wall where visible patch appeared eg if plasterboard over wooden stud wall with en suite (possible source of moisture via leaks ). Black mould likes dark,high humidity ,ambient temperature and source of food eg cellulose in wood,paper lining of plasterboard. Whilst it has moisture eg high humidity it will continue to grow but if moisture disapprears and mould dries out then it releases much higher levels of mould toxins (mycotoxins) and mycelial fragments into air. (google black mould and effects on human health).

Personally I'd get a specialist survey done to check what's happening behind where you saw black mould on wall; dependant on construction they can drill holes and insert boroscope to see and record what's in spaces and check for any evidence of leaks in en suite; it doesn't have to be leaking pipes, it could be failed seals on tiling or shower cabinet.You can hire boroscopes from Tool Hire companies.

It could be that your immune system has been weakened/suppressed by living in a mould damaged environment hence you can't shake off whatever is affecting you.

Read Hindawi Review Article "A Review of the Mechanisms of Injury and Treatment Approaches for Illness Resulting from Exosure to Water Damaged Buildings,Mold, and Mycotoxins": ' '

You mentioned that your condition disappeared when you had lots sunshine and swimming; did you go on holiday for a prolonged period and therefore move out of your normal living environment into a 'clean' one? (in addition to beneficial effects of sun and sea)

I hope you get a solution soon but do keep us updated re any results and hopefully progress.


Before spending all that money for all those investigations, bear in mind that the latest evidence suggests that a few simple factors correlate best with the impact a home can have on your health.

1. Does is smell mouldy?

2. Is there obvious mould growth?

3. Is there obvious water damage?

The more you have of the above, the greater the impact on your health. The less you have, the lower the impact. You already have good evidence that damp in your home is present and that there might be an impact on your health - usually cough, asthma, sinusitis and respiratory infection. Have seen eye irritation too. No mention of skin problems.


My wife has ongoing psoriasis which is scabs of dry skin and does not look like your photo, she received medication from docs called something like dubavet. She uses cream and aveno cream which helps.

I had very bad ringworm and found natural yogurt eaten every day helped more than medication.


Medication prescribed was called dovobet


I experienced a severe case of skin infection a few weeks back, It looked something similar to this. I would say it wasnt good. I took several antibiotics and also applied this ointment. It helped me to get over it. Before you use it though you should definitely consult a doctor because ours could be different issues which look the same. Moreover, skin can be quite sensitive, so what worked for me may not work with you. Get well soon bro!


I have hypothyroidism & also in some of us hair follicles contain candida. I lost all my arm & leg hair & very susceptible to fungal infections of skin & hair.

Remember after taking meds which inhibit the yeast growth like itraconazole the skin scrapings may come up negative for fungus but the signs take months to clear. Coconut oil is getting rid of mine it works wonders.

Have your thyroid checked, cut out sugar & take Caprylic acid tablets for 3 months at leasy, derived from coconut. Also mouth oil pulling is fantastic with coconut oil to clear infections of thrush & bacteria.

Coconut oil is the best & it's derivative caprylic acid because it also keeps down bad bacteria keeping a balance.

Look these things up online.

Bathe in a dip of bicarbonate of soda.

Try to keep the coconut oil on as long as possible & massage well in... yes it's oily but it got rid of the tinea versicolor across my upper back quicker than anything once the itraconazole had stopped the yeast from growing.

Use zinc shampoos on hair leave on for 10 mins.

I read a medical paper regarding information for low immune system individuals & moulds.. One of the stipulations was to keep the person away from mould sources in buildings.

I wish you good health


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