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Fungal infections under toe nails

Fungal infections under toe nails

I had a fungal infection on both big toes under the nail. It got bad enough on one nail for the nail to fall off. I had my doctors advise me and none of the usual treatments were effective. Then another doctor told me that one of her patients had tried Canesten antifungal cream and Tea Tree oil combined. I applied one drop of tea tree oil spread over the nail and edges then immediately applied a small amount of Canesten cream to the same area twice a day. The effect was astounding, within 12 hours the white fungus had become very dark. The fungus had been stopped in its tracks. I did continue the treatment every day until the nail had grown sufficiently and looked normal again. Whether the tea tree oil is necessary I am not sure but the combination certainly was totally effective. Canesten may have been effective on its own or maybe the oil carries the canesten under the nail more efficiently.

The photo was taken at an earlier stage before it got a lot worst.

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Fantastic result! Tea tree oil may well have helped as we know it has antifungal properties. We know that some Fungal species are growing in resistance to some of the drugs in general use, it sounds like you found one.

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Hi JohnDavid, I recently figured out that I had systemic candida. I now realize that I have had it for over 20 years, but only in the last 10 years did the worst of the things start occurring. One of the things that happened was toenail issues, but I was able to clear it up just with teatree oil, and changing my diet as I am still battling the candida and healing my body.

Candida overgrowth may be the root of the problem, and if so fungal infections will return. You may want look at the lists of symptoms for candida. Some symptom lists are more complete than others, so look at a few. If you have other symptoms, then it is very likely that may be your real issue. Also, you can have your doctor take a stool sample and test it, and there are home tests you can do. There is the spit test which costs you no money, or I believe there is home blood tests you can buy online too.

If you do have candida, take it seriously. Mine ended up affecting my brain, and it was very scary watching my memory and train of thought slowly dwindle away while many doctors kept telling me I was fine. Good luck to you. Best regards, Seraphim


Wow that is good. Will have to try that. Believe it or not as I am taking Itraconazole anti fungal tablets for aspergillosis I still got a fungal infection under one nail. Went to the doc about it because it didn't look quite right and have just sent scrapings and clippings to get tested to see if they can suggest a good treatment. Using nailner and painting it on twice a day but the Doc said that would take forever, and whatever it is it is resistant to anti fungal tablets or at least to Itraconazole!


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