Aspergillus Ochraceus

Aspergillus Ochraceus

I have this disease,I have had it as a mystery for 3 years. After I demanded sputum culture,I got answers. I used advair for 10 years,and smoke marijuana a few times over the last few years and am a Vegan. Anyhow I am on Itraconozole 400 mg for 6-12 months. Today is my 4th day of treatment and I can actually Breathe again. I am hacking out brown from deep within the left lung,but its also somewhat in the right lung too. I sure am hoping that this has a possibility of being cured. I amwondering if any of you all have had it,then went thru the treatment and it not came back/cured. Thanks

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  • That is an unusual species to find in a lung infection, though it is known to infect occasionally. Ochraceus is commonly found in plant material so perhaps inhaling marijuana that has been slightly damp might be one source.

    It is difficult to know what the prospects of a cure might be. We would usually say that if you have an established infection such as chronic pulmonary aspergillosis or allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis then a cure is not currently possible but it can be very effectively managed, as you have found with itraconazole treatment.

    In your case it is not very clear what form of aspergillosis you have and your doctors would be far better placed than myself to give an opinion.

    You may find the support of a more active group to be beneficial - try

  • Thank you for your time and response. I sincerely appreciate it!

  • One more question for you Sir. is Aspergillus Ochraceus cnsidered to be a chronic pulmonary type of aspergillus ?

  • Yes it can be - this paper might be good precedent for your questions

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