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Thank goodness. Took a "Sleep Aid". Herbal sleeping tablet bought from "Savers" similar to "Nytol Herbal" last night but was pretty sleepy anyway. Probably asleep before 9 sort of dozing and the awake at 11.26 but straight back to sleep awake again somewhere around 3 but straight back to sleep and then awake at 5.45. Got up then to take the tablets. Thing is with sleepers they make you feel drowsy. Considering going back to bed but need to be at Dentists at nine and if I go back to bed will probably sleep through so just having a cuppa and sorting stuff out.

Not saying this sleeper worked well because by the time I got to bed last night my body was so tired I could hardly walk. Will see if it works tonight and then I will try a night without.

Hope you all had a decent night.



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I''m glad you managed to get some sleep. I hate that feeling of being so tired you don't know what you're doing. Although to be fair in my life the alternative is probably 'feeling quie refreshed but not knowing what I'm doing'.

Good luck at the dentist :)


Ah it was my other half's turn at the Dentist today. My turn is the day before the wedding! Good day for a clean and polish - not organised intentionally but just worked out that way. Hope my dentist doesn't find anything wrong else to do. Normally there is nothing but it would be my luck that she would this time.

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Looking forward to read the outcome..I'm feeling that my lacked of sleep contribute to my ongoing pain feeling...thinking to have have a go in sleeping pills when hubby is around to get kiddo routine. ..but feeling a bit scared as how my body and mind will react!...


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