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Black looking mold expose for a few months


Hi all, i was exposed to a black looking mold substance out on ourpatio on a some items, mostly fabric (pillows) we forgot we put out there to throw away when trash had room, i do have a pretty bad mold allergy, if you follow me you can find my post with the pics of the test reactions, anywho, i got sicker and sicker, recurring sinitus, i have deminished toxin flushing, extremely worsened asthma, and even mental effects, the main items are gone from the property since Tuesday, I'm going to a hotel tomorrow so i can be safe while a mold spray recipe treats the outside and the room, things are laundered, and bed is encased, i went to my pain Dr and had him feel my neck as my current primary wont physically examine me, changing Dr at start of month, and the right side of the front of my neck, but not throat, is very painful, he found a fibrous mass going down the length of my neck, so my question is can the mold cause anything like this, hopefully it's not cancer or something.. Eeeep! I do see my allergist on the29th, is there anything i should ask or say to him? Any insight on the effects of the mold and things i should talk would be super! Thanks guys!

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Hi , Sorry to hear about your health problems.

Read the Hindawi Review article

"A Review of the Mechanism of Injury and Treatment Approaches for Illness resulfing from Exposure to Water Damaged Buildings,Mold , and Mycotoxins"

Read it two or three times and then Google "Effects of black toxic Mold on human health" or variants on this search.You will find a lot that you will be able to relate to but always remember there are many variables as to how exposure to water damaged buildings, mould (UK spelling!) and Mycotoxins affects individuals.

Illness can result from infection,toxicity, allergy,chronic inflammatory responses or a combination of these and what causes symptoms in one person and not another can be affected by things like sex,underlying health,exposure levels and duration,genetics etc . Due to the potential permutations/interactions and complexity of organisms growing in water damaged environments ,it is virtually impossible to ID the individual adverse effects of these on an individual .

However very often leaving the water damaged environment ,sometimes for a day or longer, even permanently , people notice a marked improvement in symptoms particularly if they leave fabric type personal belongings eg clothes,bedding,paper, soft furnishings behind

Some medications such as NSAIDS (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs ) act synergistically with mycotoxins re the potential adverse effects as do endotoxins and ACTH.

Personally I have been affected by black mould in two separate UK hospital environments so it is just not necessarily homeshouses that can be affected, but office building,schools even hospitals.

Inmyfeels29 in reply to Lutonian

Thank you lutonian! Ok! I will do more research on the site(s) you recommended, gee i hope the hotel I'm going to is ok, they just renovated tho, i was taking NSAID naproxen, but i stopped ad while ag Dr agreed, I'm so sorry you were exposed twice! For me, i thought i was going to die, wasn't sleeping, everything made me feel awful, i can't even take a hot shower coz i gasp for air for like 20min it's crazy! I had so much illness, wiki three resources tell me if ilk t ever be Anne to eat grains\wheat, rice, condiments, etc? Thanks so much for your help

Lutonian in reply to Inmyfeels29


My situation is a bit more complicated than just two exposures ; I have a chronic fungal infection plus adverse allergy,chronic inflammatory responses and even toxicity as a result of living in Water Damaged environments for some years.

One side effect is that my symptoms deteriorate quite quickly when I end up in mould damaged environments and I'm particularly sensitive to endotoxins and biofilm. When I reacted to something in two different UK hospitals it took me about 60 seconds to find the black mould (both had it in ventilation systems and one had evidence of historical water leaks in ceiling space above my bed and black mould just starting to grow out from ceiling tiles in one spot.) I react differently to different mould species , mycotoxins and bacterial endotoxins.

Re your reference to gasping for air in shower, have you checked for leaks /black mould growing behind the shower cubicle walls,floor and ceiling? If you,very had a leak and moisture getting behind walls/plasterboard then it can grow unseen.Is your shower ventilated?


I don't want to put a dampener on your plans for your house but before you start doing the work , have you had a proper professional mould /building survey done on interior and exterior?

If you have a mould problem in your house ,spraying and the other items you mentioned is very unlikely to resolve it and your health issues.Only removing ALL affected building materials by qualified remediator us ensuring get ALL sources of leaks, high moisture (new ventilation?) are resolved.

The symptoms you describe re yourself indicates you have been badly affected and moving back to your house after the work ,you may be sorely disappointed.

Have you had a biopsy done on the fibrous mass ? Make sure you have comprehensive microbiological tests done particularly for full range of Fungi.

Whatever the mass is it sounds like you need to have this analysed and resolved asap .

All the best

Inmyfeels29 in reply to Lutonian

Oh dear, i am disabled and everyone here is retired except my care provider, unfortunately we cannot afford even a test key alone treatment, there was mold in the bathroom a while back, it never affected me and the bathroom was redone on a mortgage plan, and was the only effected area, also they did work on the dry wall on the house took some out and replaced to fix electrical and there were no problems, and Redid the roof and inspected the attic, everything was fine, also on a plan, that was last year, we only had rain since December, when i started getting ill, for the first time in 5 yrs! I doubt the house would be overgrown with mold with only some items outside being affected? You would invite better than i tho, i would sit outside a lot when i was sick and up all night so others could sleep well, i was making awful noises, sometimes i would sit there all night right next to this stuff i couldn't see! But i stopped doing that and i feel much better side those things are gone, i don't know what to do really, feeling lost, and im so sorry your condition is so extensive, knowing that I'm very allergic to mold makes me think that's why only i got really sick

Oh also my case manager said she thinks my mass is some kind of infection that they refuse to look at... I don't know why these doctors hate me, she said tell my new primary everything when i see her next month, maybe she'll actually listen

The principle impacts on our health from moulds are respiratory, sinus and allergic unless we are severely immunocompromised - usually as a result of a medical intervention such as transplant or high steroid dose treatment. What you describe as a fibrous lump running the length of your neck does not sound like a fungal infection.

A few mouldy items on your patio (I am presuming that this is outside of your home) does not suggest that you have a damp problem in your home.

If there is no damp inside your home there is no need to pay for people to find it! It is unlikely a few mouldy items left outside your home would significantly contaminate your home and cause the health problems you describe. Get someone to dispose of the mouldy material and clean.

Recurring sinusitis is quite common particularly if there is a fungal element in the infection as it is difficult to treat. Fungal sinus infections can cause some of the symptoms you mention. You need to see an ENT doctor to resolve this issue. If you do not and there is a fungal sinus infection it doesn;t matter how much your home is cleaned, the fungus you are allergic to could be being carried around in your sinus'!

Another possibility is that you have fungally sensitive asthma - this makes your asthma worse.

Re-engage with your doctors along these lines.

Inmyfeels29 in reply to DrGraham

Thank you! Maybe there is something wrong with my immune system, I went to hotels while the house was being cleaned and my sinuses felt a little better but my asthma was still severe, this was in LA county, I moved back to Orange county and I feel much better over all, I wasn't being treated well out there by my Dr s, I kept getting bad Wants who would swab or anything and debt me to am Allergist, tested very allergic to mold and told all my Dr s but no one would give me another ENT, I'm trying to get my benefits moved down here so I can get a Dr and get help, I had weird lab results and no one there was helping me

Professional testing and remedial work is necessary to really remove toxic molds from your home. Interesting that WHO says the molds we do NOT see are actually more dangerous than what we see.

Two days away from a WDB with toxic molds is usually not enough. From my own experience when I was away for 7 weeks my symptoms decreased significantly.

But I am in UK and live on tiny pension with a national health care system that is falling apart and has waiting lists for medical tests or cataract surgeries of over 18 months, so not really good about your USA rules or medicine.

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