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Vitamin d3

I had abpa for six years. I was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida. For six years I had every symptom - brown flecked sputum plugs , wheezing etc. I survived on Prednisone. My brother who is a gastroenterologist recommended I begin taking calcium. He said to take slow release citracal with vitamin d3. I began taking one tablet - 600 mg of calcium and 500 mg of vitamin D3. After six months, one day while I was on a cruise, I coughed up a bronchial tree. It has now been 9 months and I do not have a single symptom. I have no idea if it wil work the same for others but it worked for me. I thank God.

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Interesting - That's awesome that your symptoms are gone. I'm being seen at Mayo Clinic. Been once and going back next week. Been on voriconizole for 1 month, but the bacteria won't go away either. Looking at either picc line or nebulized tobrimyacin. I will definitely ask her about taking Calcium and Vitamin D. I do take some kind of Calcium Chewable - not sure what brand it is.

Thanks for the info!


This is really interesting.


I am Miss. divorced but living with new partner for last 20+ years. Yes we both did parachuting. My partner was a parachute jumping instructor for 30 years in the Royal Air Force.



That's wonderful! I'll try it, it sure would be nice!


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