Update on CAT scan

The CAT scan is done and the results are in. I met with my oncologist yesterday and we discussed them along with potential future testing and treatments. The scan showed a 3 mm growth of the nodule, which I will now call a tumor, from 5 x 6 mm to 8 x 9 mm. Not a large increase, but growth nonetheless. My oncologist is now in agreement that it is of concern and wants a repeat CAT scan and office visit in 4 months when we will discuss where to go from here. Among the future tests is a needle biopsy, which was not a pleasant experience last time and the possibility of a wet biopsy. He is having the samples from my previous tumor tested for markers, so this is a good beginning. My most likely treatment will be chemo. That depends on what the biopsy shows. This could also be metastasis from the breast cancer surgically removed 3 months prior to the lobectomy. My oncologist is 70 - 80% sure it is lung cancer and I'm 99% sure. Time will tell. Now we wait.


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  • Keep a positive outlook. My tumor was 3cm but did chemo to shrink it then surgically remove. It's really amazing what they can do now. Best to you


  • Thank you Debby.

  • Jean, thank you so much for the update. Darn it anyways! Still, it sounds like your oncologist is right on top of this, and that you are proceeding carefully while gathering all the information you need to go forward. All good. It will be interesting to see what the tests show. Please keep us informed!

  • Yes, my oncologist is on top of this. Now he and I are on the same page. Fortunately he's good at dealing with this pushy patient.

  • I love it!

  • You are certainly doing a great job advocating for yourself. In cases like this I always hope for a new primary because the thought of a mets sucks.

    Liquid biopsies are considered okay for testing if an EGFR has taken on a T790 mutation which renders Tarceva useless. It cannot tell if the EGFR has morphed into small cell cancer. At this time they can't tell if a tumor is BRAF, KRAS or any other mutation common to adenocarcinoma, it also cannot tell if a tumor is adenocarcinoma, squamous, small cell or other. I would put my trust in a needle biopsy or an EBUS.

    We're all here for you when scanxiety rears its ugly head in 4 mos.

  • Thank you Denzie. That is good information. Though I keep challenging my oncologist, he continues to work well with me. It will be interesting what shows up in 4 months. I'm sure a needle biopsy is in my future. We can create a treatment plan once we know what we are dealing with.

  • Don't be a stranger these next few months! Your insight and comments have helped and we would miss you~


  • Thank you Laurie Anne.

  • Jean,

    Sorry to read that you did not get good news from your scan. I am glad that growth is slow enough that you have the luxury of time to wait, enjoy NOT being under treatment, and weigh your options. It's a good thing that your doctor listened to your concerns and ordered the scan!

    Hope you can push some worries to the side as we start to get into the holiday season, and fully enjoy everything the season offers.

    What do you have on the needles? Our soothing drug of choice: knitting!


  • Thanks for the kind words Anita. Yes, knitting is our soothing drug of choice. Still making slow progress on socks for the family for Christmas. Also making mittens for the church knitting group, a child's hoodie sweater for a friend's grandchild and a baby sweater for the church group. Keeps me occupied and out of trouble. Right now I'm watching some James Bond movies. Very entertaining and totally outrageous.

    You have certainly been busy. I hope that means that the clinical trial is going well.

    My oncologist is thinking chemotherapy depending on the next CAT scan and probable needle biopsy. Not looking forward to it, but must agree it is probably the logical choice. Fortunately, I have until February to make any decisions so intend to enjoy the holidays with the family.

    Take care and keep on knitting.


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