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Crohn's Disease

My son is suffering from Crohn’s diseas from 6 years, Last August doctors advises a surgical resection is the viable option, since the bulk of the complicated disease involved most of the descending colon, ascending colon, and terminal ileum, with reinstitution of biological agents, other than TNF-Alpha.

Therefore I started to search for new medical innovations with proven cases in Crohn’s disease, till I reach to a technology called Vitorgan from Germany. They advise me to visit the Bio Molecular Therapy Center in Thailand website .

Conventional Medicine Taken: Corticosteroid between 40mg to 20mg, Infliximab 5mg/KG Q6 week, Asacol (Mesalamine) 800 mg TDS, Flagyl (Metronidazole) 400 mg, Folic Acid 5 mg OD, Humira(Adalimumab), Cimzia(Certolizumab)

Druing his conventional medication, while taking Corticosteroid course every time he reach to take 20mg my he was effected by the Crohn’s symptoms badly.

I had send my son report to the Bio Molecular Therapy center and they reply with assurance to treat my son Crohn’s disease as they had treated similar cases earlier. I decided to travel with my son to Thailand after having the assurances to be cured at Bio Mulecular Therapy Center, I met the professor there and started to take the treatment by vaccines and Oral Drops with tablets.

From the First week, my son felt the difference and become better as the fever gone the pain a abdominal pain is gone. Currently after Six weeks we are still in Bangkok continuing our two to three months course of treatment, today his health is 60% is better, no fever, inflammation in joint is gone, Diarrhea almost stop as he was going 7 to 9 times a day and now only 3 to 4 times a day, also no more bleeding and start to gain weight and much healthy now as he can live as normal person without any symptoms. He had stopped taking Corticosteroid from this week along with all conventional medicine.

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hi i am member of the anxiety uk web site and have found it so helpfull was looking for something similar on behalf of my friend who has crohn's disease but couldn't find anything do you know of any site for discussing how feel about having this illness. I am notery computer literate but or knowledgeable about the condition but (if ok with you) will try and copy your post and send it to her in case it may be relevant although she is too ill to work and is on sickness benefit so probably would not be able to pay a hefty sum for the treatment you describe - is it expensive?



I just joined this group so I could leave a comment for you. First, have you looked into the NACC (National association for colitis and crohns)

Crash, did you run past your UK Dr's this treatment option you are currently taking? How old is your son? My one concern is that has your son been on steroids for any length of time since stopping them abruptly can cause problems as when you take steroids for any length of time, your body stops producing the cortico steroids we naturally produce.

I have have lived with crohns for about 30 years now