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Peripheral neuropathy or what

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Dear All,

I am new to this forum and hopefully i will get support from members.

I'm having trouble in diagonstics. I am goingto different doctors but still unable to identify what it is. I'm experiencing below symptoms

1. Tinggling and pain in the lower legs ( both) some time worse and some time little ( but regularly) for last one year almost.

2. Some time pain in buttocks while sitting

3. earlier i also feel some numbness in the left arm but for couple of months it is ok.

4. Acidity , heartburn ,pain in stomach and center of chest.

5. some time blurry vision in the morning ..

Now iam feeling some headache and little ( very less) tingling in head.

I already been to spine doctor and he refeered me to neuro

already done MRI and Conduction study, MRI looks ok and Nerve conduction study reports will be discussed with me by doctor on next week.

for Acidity doctor advised me to use omeprazole for one month , it got better but i loss my weight.

i am not sure what is the problem and how i got all these , i am 42 year male

In short i feel ACIDTY and Pain in legs are connected ,

Can any one advise me some thing that support my treatment.


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Have you been tested for coeliac?

Have you had b12 deficiency ruled out?

Ask your dr, do not cut out gluten nor take any b12 supplements until you have had your appt with him.

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iam23m in reply to Lisahelen

Dear Lisa Helen,

Thanks for reply.

I have not been tested for coeliac but My GP tested for h. Pylori . But it was negative.

My neuro give me amitriptyline as I complained little headche and pressure on head.

I also never been tested for B12

Tomorrow I have appointment with GP and I will discuss with him.

I am concerned that

1. Why i am Loosing weight ?

2. All above symptoms are correlated or treated separately. ?


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Lisahelen in reply to iam23m

Good luck with gp appt, let us know how you get on.

Hi iam23m

I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. The legs, arms and buttock pain sounds very like my neuropathy symptoms. I also have numb fingers, which feel like a bunch of sausages on the end of my hand. I can also get either icy, frozen feet, or burning, as if on fire. Finally I have the sensation of ants crawling under my skin and sometimes, awful electric shocks running through my legs and feet.

A couple of months ago, I was put on Pregabalim and it has indeed helped, but I'm writing from my hospital bed, as have just had knee replacement surgery, so things are a bit upside down atm.

I also have blurry eyes in the morning and pins and needle feelings in my head, but not sure whether it's the neuropathy, or not.

Hopefully you be given a diagnosis from the recent tests, the worst part is not knowing.

Good luck to you, keep in touch, (this site helped me, just knowing that others out there, were experiencing the same thing).

Lizzie x

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Marz in reply to Lizziesview

You may wish to read my reply below about B12 ....

Not sure where you are located, but sounds like you may need to go to a Mayo Clinic. I know one time I was having a lot of multiple issues and I went there and it took me about 10 days, but they got to the root cause. Luckily it was treatable with meds. Hope the best for you.

Hi there. Having read your symptoms, I suggest you wait for the discussion that you will be having with your doctor regarding the MRI scan and nerve conduction test. You obviously appear to have a nerve-related condition and best to wait for the correct medical advice. Good luck. Please let me know what transpires.

A B12 result below 500 can be the cause of neurological symptoms. Also brain shrinkage is linked to LOW B12 ....

Hi all,

Just to update you all.

I had Nerve conduction study this week and then met with the Neuro physician.

His findings are , i have no neuro issue. he advised me to use 10 mg of anti depressent medicine( i forgot name) along with Vitamin Bs tablet.( neurobon).

Appointment with GP : he asked for calcium and CBC test, now i have again appointment with GP in next two days.

i get the reports , Calcium is normal but some abnormalities in CBC and i will discuss these reports with GP.

1. High RBC (6.32)

2. Low hemoglobin ( 12.5)

3. low Hematocrit (38.7)

4. Low MCV (61.2)

5. Low MCH( 19.8)

1. Symptoms : pain in lower leg with tingling and sometime numbness, some time feeling tingling in left arm, headaches and sometime feel some pressure in head

2. Acidity , pain in stomach and chest pain

3. some time Blurr vision ( in morning) and some time pain in eyes.

I am again gaining the weight that was reduced by using omeprazole ( reduced my appetite)

Now my Neuro phys told me that no neuro issue , may be due to anxiety and depression. but i am not convinced as i have this trouble for almost one year.

kindly advise me shall i follow up the neuro physicion or continue with GP only and whats wrong with these CBC results ?


in reply to iam23m

Have you seen an orthopaedic dr that deals with the back and legs?i get tingling because of siatic nerve pain and a trapped nerve,hope this helps a little. ?.

Get tested for the gene mutation MTHFR! It was discovered about 5 years ago and an estimated 40% of people have it! It is know linked to many mystery illnesses and well known ones such as fibro myalgia, chronic fatigue, Parkinson's, lupus, Alzheimer's, and atharitis. MTHFR mutation does not allow your body to absorb B12 and B folate, they must be taken in a methyl form! Also MTHFR does not allow one to properly detox. So by the time you hit your 40's & 50's if not already experiencing problems, you start to have various symptoms. Most doctors are clueless about this! I see an immunologist that is well known & specializes in it in Houston, Dr. Patricia Salvato. I believe she can work with people remotely not located in Houston or refer to a doctor in your area. Also numerous studies have been done over the years that are not talked about linking our intentional bacterias or a sense of various strains to many illnesses! Simple fixes, but takes time to rebuild your system. Mainstream docs just know to prescribe pills for symptoms, not to address the underlying causes and heal your body systems. Do your research online. Wishing you wellness!

Hello, I am also new. I have been dealing with neuropathy since 2008. From my feet up to my mid thighs and my hands. I also have headaches and stomach problems that I think are related. I have been tested by a neuro and mine has been confirmed. Been on many pain medication that don't work. They say exercise but it is to painful to even walk. I feel like I get the run around because I'm on medicare. What can I do or who can I see to get some kind of relief? The pain is unbearable. Going crazy is an understatement. HELP I am from Washington state

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Marz in reply to sassy0456

Please read my reply below to iam23m ......

@ all,

I am updating my case with some more questions

I have met with my GP and neurologist and both are convineced that my below problems are due to depression.

Problems i have

1. Acidity , pain in stomach, heartburn etc.

2. Tingling in liwer legs, some time on head and left arm and rarely on face.

i have undergone the MRI. NCS and all are normal.

Neuroconsultant r prescribed me and GP asked me to continue that

1. Amitriptyline 10 mg

2. Vitamin B's tablets ( neurobon)

I don't have any tension or depression ( what i feel) but doctor said may be in subconciousness.

so my question is that Depression may casue these kind of symptoms ?

and what should i do know, should i consult some other doctor or continue this medicine ?


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Marz in reply to iam23m

As I mentioned in my earlier reply - how is your B12 ? It would seem your Neurologist agrees having prescribed you a B Complex. It's a pity you did not test the B12 before, as now your results will be skewed as there will be B12 in Neurobon I believe. As I wrote - a result below 500 can become a neurological problem.

Please post your results over on the Perncious Anaemia Forum here on HU - it would seem to me you have Iron Anaemia as well as B12 Anaemia.

Scroll down in the above link for Neurological symptoms of LOW B12 and also the Neuro-psychiatric ones. B12 is involved in so many systems in the body - most importantly the nervous system - in the formation of the myelin sheath that protects the nerves.

There is so much out there about B12 - look around the website I have posted - look at the Films heading in the Menu and watch just to see how serious it is. Dr Carr was dying before they realised he had a B12 deficiency. See below ...

The above link takes you to a talk about Low B12 and brain shrinkage ....

To obtain replies to your most recent posts you should have created a new post as people rarely return to old posts - hence it was missed.

Hopefully you will soon be on the road to recovery.


I am similar to you but no stomach problems.Doctor says he doesn't know. I have nerve conduction tests that were fine.

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iam23m in reply to marionward5

Dear Marionward,

Sorry to hear that you have same kind of symptoms.

Are you using any medicine , prescribed by doctor ? What did doctor said , any discussion on Depression ?

i am using Amitriptyline 10 mg and Neurobon Tablets.

Feeling little bit relief so far, and further observing it.

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