Living with this pain is unbearable, chronic, neuralgia, took 😷 years, still didn't no what it was, dentist, diagnosed itt, got htoothache

My names Tracey, it's 4,31 in morning, woken up again with this pain got toothache, which I no its not, and earache as well, which nothing wrong with my ear, this is my crappie pain life, day, in, nite out, am at the end of the line, iv also got complex, regional, pain syndrome

I'm 54 worked in merchant navy, also got oastriposise arthritis in foot and knee, due to my work on ships, don't get any sense from docs, just wondering if there is a cure for my, face, I sit at nite trying to pull Teath out, it is that bad,

Please can someone give me a bit of advice, I live alone, and had to go across the road to my local taxi office there to get a couple pain killers nothing working, and they won't operate, incase they paralyse my face 😔 totally had it scared to, eat, talk, laugh 😁 lost a stone in 10 days, was, 11 Stone I'm 6 now, at wits end, why don't I get help of sum kind, I worked hard, paid, my dues, and get treated awful, thank you for reading this

Any replies would be grateful ☝

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  • Hi Tracy

    So sorry to hear of your plight it makes it so much harder to bear when there is no one to talk to and you need help urgently. You mention that the pain is in the area of your jaw and ear. What exactly has your dentist done, have they ruled out dental problems like root infections in your teeth or jaw problems? You mention your ear and as the two can affect each other with infections do you have any hearing loss,tinnitus or feeling like your ear is blocked? As someone who suffers with middle ear problems I know the sort of thing you mean. It sounds like a referral to the ENT consultant would be very useful. If you can describe some of the symptoms in more detail and some of the things which have changed it might help.


  • Hi thank you so much for your concerne, nothing wrong with my Teath, went to pain relief hospital, was prescribed, carbamazepine, but did no good, they put tablets up, and I fell, with them, made me dizy, had to stop, them

    Yes I get tinatus, drives me crazy, no infection in ear, got a lump on my gum sitting on a nerve, so I'm ready to shoot my self lol 😁, no not funny, pain unbearable, chronic pain I can't control, not 1 😷 gives a dam, they are all too busy.

  • Ps sorry about spelling my hands don't work properly ☝

  • Carbamazepine can take a while to work . It took me a couple of mo this but thankfully it started to work .My hub would leave me crying and come home to me crying he felt helpless and went looking for a solution but neither morphine ,acipuncture would stop it .My dentist diagnosed mine and I think that happens. often .xx

  • Hi Tracey

    No problem. Middle ear problems are hard to diagnose because the ear has a tube running down between the middle ear and the back of the throat called the eustachian tube which carries mucus away from the sinus tubes and infection can block these tubes causing pain pressure and tinnitus which is miserable.

    If you type eustachian tube into Google it will show you the image and give you info.This could be the source of your problem.


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