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Hi everyone i have just joined for such a wealth of information. I have sufffered with chronic pain about 20 years now starting with neuropathic pain following a hysterectomy for endometriotis and i also have fibromylagia, sjogrens and osteo arthritis. Alas now i have something new and not sure if its neuralgia or not. I have had this terrible pain since mid January and feeling beside myself. Its in the right side of head, mainly upper teeth and cheek. I have been to the dentist and nothing to discover. My dr presribed antibiotics in case its my sinuses. I have 1 day left but they havnt made any difference. It hurts when i talk and eat. I am taking maximum paracetamol and ibuprofen, i cant take codeine. I have also taken oramorph. Its gone on now for so long. Wondering if anyone can relate to this

many thanks

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Sorry to hear about your pain. I have peripheral neuropathy which causes great pain especially at night . All I can say is good luck and try and keep going.


As you have auto-immune conditions I am wondering if you have been tested for auto-immune thyroid - Hashimotos. Often the tests for thyroid are inadequate and you will need the full profile done.... TSH - FT4 - FT3 - Anti-TPO - Anti-Tg

Also giving up gluten helps to heal the gut and reduce anti-bodies. Gluten can cause inflammation in the body - and that leads to illness and pain. Also have your VitD checked along with B12 - Ferritin and Folate. They need to be optimal for you to feel well.

Obtain copies of all your test results so you can monitor your progress and post on forums so people can give more appropriate advice.

Click onto the above link to see all the signs and symptoms linked to low thyroid :-)

Also lots more useful information.....


Ask your doctor for a drug that is usually prescribed for epilepsy called carmepazine or something like this for your face... I had a similar operation to yours following cancer and in the pre-cancer months I had all sort of weird and very painful Ailments including facial neuralgia that even the strongest painkillers would not touch it. Same as you I have also lived with un diagnosed pains for over 20 years and same as you I have now got peripheral neuropathy since my op. Which makes me think that I have had it for a long time and that is why I had all these pains... It has now just got to the point where I can't stand live with constant pain and I am ready to take any medicine to relieve the symptoms.

The only problem with those sorts of pain is that even your closest friends and family do not understand them and Think it is in your mind and yet on a good day ( more of a luxury these days) I enjoy life so much!


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