Hi, Please can anyone help. About 15 yrs ago, I used to drink heavily and then stopped for a long time. I then started doing it responsibly at the weekend. But I stopped again 3 years ago to look after my mum who was ill. Everything was fine up until a few months ago, when I started getting excruciating pains around the left side of my head twice a day followed by chest pains. Ive also got a lazy eye now. My doctor has diagnosed neuralgia, but I wanted to check it couldn’t be this. I know each case is different. Considering it was 3 years ago, could alcohol be to blame for this? Does it carry on causing damage even if you’ve stopped?

Id very much appreciate a reply


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  • Hi Jad.

    I am sorry that you are having such problems. I was a heavy drinker until 5 yrs. ago when I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis. Eighteen yrs. ago after causing my Dr. a lot of stress I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy in my feet and it is evil. My GP was dismissive of it for so long as it was believed only people with diabetes gets it. A damaged liver can cause it.

    My point is you need to get your Dr. to check you out thoroughly, ie. you need blood test for Liver enzymes but followed up with an ultra sound. Those tests will show if your liver is healthy or not.

    Next question, if your GP cannot think of a reason for the Neuralgia, perhaps a MRI scan will show up anything going on not already covered.

    A possible treatment for the pain in the mean time is Pregabalin, it is an effective therepy for neuralgic pain where opiate based drugs don't work.

    I hope you get sorted, the lazy eye worries me a bit too.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks for the reply. I've had blood tests done which show my liver is ok. Also an mri which shows back part of my brain is ok. The doctor wanted to check my cerebellum aswell via a blood test, which I'm due to get results of on Tuesday. The neurologist I saw wanted to see if it was maybe atrophic. What I'm scared it's going to show is the start of wet brain. Is this even possible after 3 yrs sober even if I was drinking only at the weekends b4. I know I've got neuralgia, but my minds imagining all sorts now.

  • Well you have some good news, fingers X for Tuesday. Try to stay positive, try not to stress about what it might be! My problem was, I was always optimistic and thought I could work hard and party hard all my life. I ignored my body telling me slow down.

    I hope you get some relief soon, would appreciate updates. Look after yourself.


  • I think you have what I have trigeminal neuralgia.Its a bitch but its not related to your drinking.Mention it to your doc-they dont all know what it is-good luck.

  • Everything's physically fine with my brain. So they're leaving it as tn

  • I have same symptoms as you amuawad1. I thought it was toothache at first but then it moved about slightly but always on left side which is the side I used to get really bad migraines. The pain goes right to the top of my head, down by my ear, over my eye, down my neck and in to my shoulder and even affects me right down to my toes at times. My left eye gets very tired and have wonky vision sometimes. Numbness and pins and needles also occur. My neurologist couldn't work it out but my dentist did.

    So turns out it's TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) related. My lower jaw has never quite aligned properly with the upper jaw and with age has caused more problems. I had a very bad attack over the weekend and it leaves me completely drained and my muscles weak. The symptoms never quite go away they only lessen. I have other health problems and am b12 and d3 deficient. Have a google about TMJ and see what you think. Hope this is of some help for you.

  • I just want them to ease off which might lessen the chest pains I get when it happens. When it happens on the street I'm sure it looks like I'm taking a heart attack and frankly it feels like it too.

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