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Trigeminal Neuralgia, TMJ, or ???

Just diagnosed with trigerminal neuralgia yesterday. Left lymph node under ear slightly swollen since late August (almost 4 months). Then I got a root canal done on back left lower molar. Pain medication included ultracet (tramadol), Norco (5/325), and tylenol 3 with codeine. Initially the pain in my jaw was intermittent, but within the past two weeks it has been a constant burn near where the root canal was done. My endodontist claims the root canal was flawless, so does my General dentist. My primary care physician basically stated that the CT scan they did shows minimal swelling of the lymph node and no sign of an abscess or cancer. From what I've read, TN is typically a sharp, sudden, 'electrical' type of pain. What I'm feeling is a fairly constant burning sensation, and a dull, constant ache, that seems only helped with Norco (and minimally at that) My PCP gave me a prescription for Tegretol, 200mg x 4 times per day. I'm only on the second dose of the first day and not really noticing any improvement. My doctor did say it could take 10 days to 'kick in.'

I'm worried about a few things: the first being the possibility of discontinuation syndrome, given the needed buildup in the system for it to work. The second is: the warning of depressive/suicidal ideation with tegretol use. I have a history of major depressive disorder. Finally, what if this turns out not to be TN and I was misdiagnosed? Any comments would be appreciated.

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Could it be B12 - how are your levels ? Try Jarrow Methylcobalamin 5000mcg from Amazon and keep under the tongue until dissolved.


When levels are below 500 then it becomes a neurological condition. Sally Pachlok co-wrote the book - Could it be B12 ? They have made a film of the same title which has been released in the US - so you should be able to see it :-)


Hi ,I have trigeminal and it's not a dull pain at ,it's a very stop you in your tracks .So sharp it stops you as you hold your face .My dr said it was the side pain ,it is unbearable and there is not dull.I also have periperal neurophty that's miserable pain too ,not as severe as Trigeminal though.The o ly advice is take your meds ,which in my case with everything else leaves my like a zombie .Take care hope it stops soon .Gentle hugs x

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Hi More news about your condition? I also have constant dull tooth and jaw pain, my doctor thinks it trigeminal neuralgia, but cause tegretol is not working, he thinks it might be something else. Next week im having a MRI of the neck to rule out any problem there.

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I have been suffering from atypical trigeminal neuralgia for three years now. I have two busted blood vessels on the nerve as the result of a physical assault to the right hand side of my head. Initially I suffered from two sharp areas of pain which led me to the dentist and optician for answers, both gave me the all clear. It took an Mrs scan to determine the true cause. Subsequently the pain has remained constant increasing in severity with no apparent triggers. Pain levels have increased to the point that I am taking 5x500mg Gabapentine daily to maintain the ability to live normal life. The pain is like a large heavy hand pressing on the upper rhs of my face 24/7 no relief. It looks like mvd is on the cards but devastating realism leading to depression and dread. Mvd not a cure just another bad option with high risk of continuous pain and more serious side affects. Alan


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