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Does anyone with fibromyalgia get nerve like pains in the back of the thigh muscles and back of knees it's driving me mad.

Having flare up, going through a lot of stress at the moment,

My Psychiatrist said I should try 2 relaxation sessions of 30 minutes each day, tried several antidepressant with no success, anyone got any ideas that might relieve stress.

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Hi there, I get these horrible nerve, shooting throbbing pains in my left foot, side of calves across my knee and goes up the top of my thigh. I take amytriptline and Pregablin and already on a high dose but still feel this pain such a lot. My gp said nothing he can do and that it will get worse, but I've just got to learn to try and live with this pain ..... Easier said than done!! I do find having a hot bath and heat packs do help temporary relief. I'm waiting to see occupational health and physio and really hope they can help me.


Is your B12 at optimal level? Have a look on for advice n information.

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Yes, b12, but also B1 and all the other B vitamins as well. If you take a statin drug, try doing without for 2 weeks. Sometimes it's the drug. Statins are notorious for muscle pain, though many MDs deny this.


Absolutely. Unbelievable pain radiating from the spine into the hip and onwards to the knee. I have recently had xrays and the Doctors are putting this down to arthritis in the base of my spine and my right hip. But yes there may be some arthritis, but what about the extreme fatigue and the burning down my leg, I believe that this is fibrbomygia!!! It was me that pointed this out to the Doctors not vica versa!!!!


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