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It is the funeral of my husband Graham tomorrow, had to wait a month for this, and I have been in bad flare up for the past week, hope I can cope with it tomorrow.

I have also sold my house this week to go and live near my Son, which has added to the strain, leaving behind memories of the last 54 years if living in the house which holds a lifetime of married life with Graham, whom I miss so much.

I shall be moving to a village near Melton Mowbray, so will be a whole new experience,

Hope I can find a Dr who understands Fibro better than my present one. Still I will still have you lovely people to keep in touch with.

Thank you all


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Hi Pat, I'll be walking beside you tomorrow ,in mind even if not in body. I feel really sad for you for the loss of Graham.You probley feel quite empty at the moment with Graham's funeral,and leavening the house you lived in for so long. But think a bit more positive, it'll be a new experience liveing in a new place,finding out where everything is ,sorting your new place out,shops,parks,and best of all being by your son and new grandson. I think you will be much better and you also will have someone to turn to. I wish you all the happiness in the world Pat in your new surroundings. And I'll be by your side tomorrow in mind even if not in body. Keep in touch Pat,and look after yourself. Big Hug. Norma.


Hi Norma,

Thanks for your words of comfort, I very much appreciate it at this this time,

Graham's funeral was lovely, listening to his life being celebrated was sad but made me happy at the same time, and I my glad he has been released from his pain and distress.

I hve sold my house and hope to be moving in a few weeks time, as no chain on both sides. it will be nice to live near my Son and Daughter in law

and see more of my Grand children.

Have you started your Hypnotherapy yet? Shall be interested to hear how you get on, it's been a long wait for you.

Went to see a Pain Management Consultant on Saturday, at the QE Hospital

Birmingham and he has referred me Physotherapy, Accupunture, Pain Pyscologist and Pain Management so quite a lot. My problem is now I am moving will they transfer my referrals? or will I have to wait on the new areas waiting list oh such is life!!

Such a lot to do when you leave.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Pat. Xxxxx


Hi Pat, I can't believe I'm talking to you today. Yesterday I had a private post off someone yesterday who's nick name is Fudgybear ,and I thought it was you so I sent her a message which should have been for you,so she wrote back telling me Id sent the message to the wrong And what a coincidence I've heard off you today.

Anyway back to you Pat,I think once you've moved you'll feel much better knowing your by your sonand grandson . I bet you will have to have all that treatment transferred . But Haveing your son close by he will obviously help you with things,and I don't think you'll feel so anxious ,just knowing there there for you.

As for Graham's funeral Im pleased you got some peace of mind,knowing his suffering was over.

You do know you'll have to loose that Brummie acsent when you move lol. I really hope all the best for you Pat from now on.

Take care and keep in touch.xx


Aww Pat,so very sorry for your loss, will be thinking and praying for you. X


Dear Pat,

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss and send my condolences to you and your family.

I have had a rough patch recently and have let things slide. I feel bad that I have not been online more and kept up to date with my emails and groups and for that I apologise. I regret not being there for you. It will take me some time to catch-up with things, I have 1632 emails in my inbox...most of which can probably be deleted but I have to check each one as there will be some that need my attention.

Take good care,

Ginny xx


Hi Ginny,

It's quite a while since I heard from you, and sorry to hear that you hVe been going through a bad patch. Hope you are feeling little better now.

Since last writing has you know I have lost my dear husband, and have also moved nearer to my Son, in fact so close I only live 4 doors away from him and my lovely daughter in law and Grandchildren, the move was overwhelming to my Fibro, and so tiring, my pain is getting much worse, finding a bew Doctor, Dentist etc., informing everyone of my new address the list is never ending, I moved to Frisby on the Wreake nr melton Mowbray on May 1st.

I was a bit miffed because I had just received an appointment for the Pain Clinic in Birmingham, I saw the Pain Consultant and had several appoitments come through but cannot keep them from here, so have been put on the waiting list here, heard from the Physiotherapist, but there is a WAITING LIST.

Is your neck block still working, and how is your pain level? mine is about 8

How is your lovely Boy Friend Ian, what kind of rough patch have you been through, I often think of you and wonder how you are getting on, you sounded quite upbeat the last time I heard from you.

Have you cleared all your email yet, I know if you only leave them a day they mount up.

I do miss my husband, and since moving here I have sold my car, because I longer feel safe driving, which has left me at the mercy of lifts from my family, because it is rural here and a car or bus distance from Doctors and shops, but it is very pleasant and a beautiful village.

Really looking forward to hearing from you.

Lots of love

Pat xxxx


Hello. Such a sad post to read. I can't imagine what you are going through. I send you warmest wishes and hope that you find strength and hope for the future. xxx


Thank you for your reply,

Kind regards,



Big hugs and good luck with everything ..... Xx


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