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I am looking for a chair that will help me relax, I have been looking at reclining chairs and although they say they are suitable for Fibro, I don't want to make the mistake of buying one and then finding it not suitable. I would appreciate help and hearing whether anyone has found them comfortable, or any other chairs.

My husband died in February and have sold my house to move to Melton Mowbray to be near my Son and Family, be glad when it is all over, and can look forward to some peace and relaxation, after the most horrendous 8 months of my life.

Just got an appointment at QE Birmingham Pain Clinic, after after waiting for 3months,

But they said it can be transferred to my new Area. So keep fingers crossed that I do not have to wait again, as my pain is the worse than ever.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter.

Pat xxxx

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I tried a canvas chair from ikea , it was amazing it rocks too . Hope you find what your looking for. I'm so sorry you have had such a rough year and I sincerly hope things get better once you have moved . X


Thanks for your reply I find sitting very painful at the moment, I will have a look at Ikea, I think moving is causing quite a lot of stress at the moment.

Hope things will settle once moved.

Best Wishes,

Pat xx


Pat hi, I find sitting on one of those big excersise balls very comfortable ,I think it's because it takes pressie of your bottom. I can't sit sometimes so I lay on my side with memory foam between knees to stop them hurting. It's a nightmare Fibro one I wish we could all wake from.It is stressful moving and with all the upset pain naturally follows or should I say flare ups.We are hoping to move to a smaller house next year as our youngest is getting married in June . All the best with your move ,by the way you can buy chairs with built in massage units .Bye for now regards ,Honora x


Hi Honora

Thanks for your message, Fibro certainly is a nightmare, pain every day at moment,

Hope I can relax more when I move, and look into more methods of easing the pain

My Grand Children are having a great time sorting out stuff for a car boot sale, from down sizing from 3 bedrooms to 1 bedroom cottage in the Village where my Son lives, I am looking forward to it but wish I coukd wave magic wand and it was all done.

I am thinking the best way of find something to sit on in comfort is to go to in person and try some, not looking forward to that!!! But needs must.

It is a bit scary changing GP's who know you, but perhaps the change will be for the better, as present one is very nice but not too helpful with Fibro.

Hope your Daughters Wedding goes well, and you are pain free on her big day, and the sun shines for them.

Best Wishes,

Pat xx


Hey Pat , in my opinion most docs are not that understanding and for many years thought it was all in our minds .I can assure them it's not in my mind .Its my son who is getting married but I'm very close to my daughter in law to be we get on thank goodness.

I bet your grandchildren are loving helping you sort through. I'm dreading our move as we have a large house and 3cjildrens worth of stuff to get rid of . I'm not holding out hope for a pain free wedding as in all the time I have it there has never been a day without pain . I can increase mess but then I'm like a zombie lol .

Tom wanted his close family and friends to stay in Bell tents the night of the wedding in a field next door to the barn where he is having reception . I can't imagine how much I'm going to suffer from that , but I'm going to put up and shut up

I'm sure you will cope better in a smaller home , I'm struggling to keep mine up together and it takes forever and then it's time to start all over. When you go to pain clinic they will show you how to pace yourself . Enjoy rest of your weekend , hope sun is shining where you are . It is here in Gloucestershire xx


Hi Honora,

Oooophs sorry about the mistake about the Wedding, and I really mean it when I say I hope the weather is kind for stay in the Bell Tent, sometimes you have to sacrifice your comfort and suffer for such an occasion.

I know what you mean about keeping a big house going, fortunately I have a cleaner who comes every fortnight and does the vacuuming and changes the beds, it is a big help but have to do the rest, now watching the weeds taking over the garden and that's one thing I can't do, keep having to pay gardeners to come and tidy it up, and that can be quite costly, the house I am moving to has a very small garden at the back

Think I will be able to manage that, can always ask my Son David to help ha ha, I also get on with my Daughter in law Zoe, they have two daughters, Evie and Lottie and in November they had a baby Brother William, it certainly helps when you all get on.

I hope I will be able to get some help at the Pain Clinic, since my Husbands Stroke and Death it has increased my pain 10 fold, and I wish GPs would get more clued up on it.

I have come to the conclusion that most are gloried Pill Pushers and that's all,

It's very nice having a chat with you and hope you will keep in touch,

I am moving from Birmingham to Frisby on the Wreake, it a village with a good Community Spirit,

Bye for now,

Pat xx


Hi Pat, I am really sorry to hear about your husband Graham. I wish you well with your move and for the future.

I suffer with fibro too and have an electric dual motor rise & recline chair which means that I can change position as much as I need, moving the leg support independently. it is well worth the extra.

I also have an adjustable bed.


hamble :)

p.s. I love the ikea chair too (Poang?) but it's a little low for me now.


check out http:


for useful fibro info and maybe fibro friendly doctors in your new area.


Hi Pat. So sorry you've had such a rough time and hope your move goes smoothly.

I had amen for a recliner for a while and we were sorting out some furniture. Just to browse and get a feel for quality and pricebetc we went to DFS. Ended up buying a sofa with recliner each end and reclining armchair. Not the riser type but they sell them too.

They are wonderful. I love the way the leg rest comes up well before the back moves. Highly recommend them.

They are standard stock - notion the sale - ever! We never planned DFS or leather butba revelation in comfort. My knees are v pleased. Try them out. I love my Poang too but not quite so good for getting up.


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