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Embrace Change for the New Year

Embrace the change.

Change can be one of the most frightening experiences as humans we encounter. Even if it is a positive transformation, it is human nature to be a creature of habit. It is why we continue to engage in behaviors we know are not for our own good. There are times we choose the change and then there are those times we do not get the luxury of choice in the matter. These metamorphoses rarely go well when they are met with resistance. Acceptance of change is not confirmation that it is what is best for us, but a transformation of adaptation is.

Making the most out of a particular situation is always optimal and gives us the best opportunity to grow. We have life experiences because we are supposed to change. We are meant to remodel, remold, reshape or tweak ourselves, if you will. We each hold the power within us to decide what we allow to alter ourselves and how we will then be defined. Do you embrace the new you or do you cling to your old comforts? How stubborn would we be if we completely refused to evolve at all?

One of the definitions of change is to move one from another. I think this to be the best definition and one that can help find balance in transformation. This definition gives insight as to how change is not necessarily better or worse, but defined as different. As illness effects who we are and begins to alter our life it is an opportunity to become different, but does not have to mean worse.

There is an innate part of self that is how we define who “You” is. It is our individual foundation and substructure of “You”. This has most likely been shaken by trials in our lives such as poor health, but it is the change we must fight against. The core of who you are, what you believe, and what you know to be your true “You” is worth fighting for. Personality, moral conduct, heredity, and the things we value most are a part of how we value ourselves and others. It is important to build a strong substructure of who “You” is. By doing so, then the trials and challenges of life will not be cause to rebuild, but minimized change as an opportunity to remodel, remold and reshape who we really are and how we define and accept ourselves.

I have changed tremendously and as much as I hated symptoms the perspective that comes with it, is a change in me I wouldn't trade anybody. This is where I have evolved over the last year and it feels freeing. I used to hide as if I had done something wrong which inadvertently made life worse. To allow yourself the freedom of accepting you and where you are in your life right now is empowering. Accepting doesn't mean you give up hope for a cure or change in health. Accepting is seeing the good in you.

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Wonderful .. It really is liberating when we learn to accept what has been handed to us.. Growing with it is better than wilting from it..


i find everything you say is so true and so meaningful and maybe learning to accept the new you is part of the begining of recovery or at least making the best of what qualities one still has and the most of the life one has.

The hard part is having the courage in taking that first step and leaving behind the You that has always been and begining the new journey to find the You that one has become especially when one has lost so much independance. For me i feel i still have a long journey ahead before i can reach that point but i am working on it


A very uplifting post! I have found that not looking at what I was once able to do but

looking at what I can is freeing.


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