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Covid Vaccine, medical conditions and allergies


I was just wondering whether anyone has taken any of the vaccines?

Although I work within a hospital setting where some of my colleagues have already received it, had been sent a text by my GP stating I should book and appointment and now furloughed, I really do not wish to take it due to my allergies to many medications and the amount of medications I have already taken. For me its just another amount of chemicals that I really do not want in my body.

I am allergic to penicillian, gabapentin, diclofenac , codeine, morphine, tramadol and anithihistamines.

Together with the medication I take if my FNDs starts worsing which is Naproxen, Amitriptyline, Atenolol, Sumatrptan and Ranitidine.

Anyone concerned about the same things?

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Hi Angie,Our concerns are the same, as my wife has FND, IBS, Fibromyalgia and Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which is an allergy driven autoimmune disease.

If she eats anything that she's not used to, her throat can swell and spasm and she's had an episode before, which is very scary.

I understand the p vizer vaccine has egg protein inside, which rings alarm bells for me.

She's also become very sensitive to medication now.

I see you've been having symptoms since your vaccine Angie.

It's hard to say if it's the vaccine which is causing it.

I posted a blog on this very concern last week, and I'm very cautious of my wife having it in case of effects.

We hope your symptoms ease up and wish you all the very best.

Warmest wishes always.

Tony and Kim 👍👍

Hi Leejunfan

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry I have not had the vaccine due to sensitivity to medications and Fnds.



Apologies Angie,I thought you had it.

My incorrect reading.

Whatever you choose, best of luck.



Dear AngieB68

Great to meet you i totallly agree its alot to think about.

I had the oxford vac on friday and it knocked me out all weekend i think it all depends on what one you have to how you feel but i could be unsure

I was not going to have it done but my daugther done the puppy eyes and was like dad you got to have it dam those puppy eyes 😀

When i had it done there was a army of nurses and a couple of doctors abd other medical staff there and be honest they were all brilliant they gave me time and they were happy to talk about cocerns and stuff so go for appioment have a chat voice your concerns and if your 100% not happy decline it

Hope this has helped im fine now


I had the Oxford vaccine on Saturday. Only side effect for me was a sore arm. I fully understand your worries. I have a nice little collection of chronic diseases and allergies. This was fully discussed before the injection a long with what could potentially happen. To me the risk of getting severely ill from covid out weighed possible side effects of the vaccine, maybe ask your gp for advice?

Hi Angie ,I had my Pfizer injection yesterday morning before they gave me the injection they sat down and explained everything to me and my son , there were quite a few nurses there , I was concerned as I'm on warfarin blood thinners and many blooming diseases with this disorder, I've had no side effects only a painful arm and a bit of swelling which they did say I would have , I hope this helps you my lovely, take care and stay safe x

Hi Angie, I’ve strangled enough I suffer FND and I’m allergic to almost all of the medications you take. AMitriptyline puts me into a coma. I’ve discussed the Covid jab with my doctor and we have decided there is too much of a risk for me to have it. It has to do with the Proteins in them. Long string proteins to be exact I’m told. I’m ok with short string protein but not long, that’s why I’m lactose and gluten intolerant as well for the same reasons. Please don’t take this as any sort of guide though just my example. X

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