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Patches/clusters goosebumps


I’ve had various neurological symptoms for a number of years, no neurologist or doctor has seen or been able to tell me what could be causing these goosebumps. I feel a tingle they appear in small clusters lasting about 30 secs, only ever on one side of my body at a time when they first started they were on my right thigh every few minutes for a week or two at a time then can stop for a few months and perhaps happen just once or twice in that time then back frequenlty again, currently mostly happening on my right lower leg. Have also appeared on my left side and once on right arm. Any ideas?

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Hi thanks for your reply, definitely not Keratosis pilaris they appear for only 30 seconds or so at a time and I can feel them appearing with this mild tingle as if I were getting goose bumps in random places and look down and that’s what I can see. They don’t appear to correlate with any temperature changes or emotional stimuli. I’m going to change the picture i up loaded to give a better view of the random pattern. Yes when I first got it I had a continuous twitching of my big thigh muscle for days then when that stopped they started to appear.

Just wondering if you have seen a doctor for this ? I get this on my right arm and it looks exactly the same. I can feel the tingle and see the small patches of bumps them I can run my hand over them and they go away. So weird

I get this exact same thing, the tingle and then the patches of goosebumps, usually on my left arm. It’s been happening more frequently lately and then it can be a long time where it doesn’t happen. I decided to google it today and that’s how I came across your post. I’ve never asked my doctor but maybe I will at my next appointment. Have you found out anything about what is causing it?

Same exact thing happens to me only there for like 30 seconds and in blotches sometimes in both legs once i was poking ny legs everywere i poked the goosbumps would blotch in the same place

I just began experiencing this today. Same story as everyone else. I first begin to feel a tingle on my leg, I look down and I see the goosebumps form in random patches. They are larger than when I am 'cold' and they last just about 15 seconds. It's been happening randomly all day long. If anyone visits a doctor, please share!

Hey there did you ever find out what this is? I have the exact same thing!

Hi all, just another person here with the same thing wondering if anyone ever got any answers.... thank you!

I didn’t get any answers, I see neuropsychiatry and two consultants said they hadn’t seen it before. They basically said it must be just part of FND. So no satisfying or informative answer unfortunately.

I have answers :)

I started getting this after a traumatic event in 2016. After many brain scans, lumbar punctures and blood samples, I was diagnosed with epilepsy in October 2017. I was put on lamotrigine for a short amount of time but had a severe allergic reaction which caused anaphylactic shock. I was then put on Keppra which caused depression. After a long discussion with my neurologist we decided that no medication is best. The seizures are called partial focal seizures with a sensory effect. There is nothing that can be done to fix it and from experience, no medication is best. Hope all goes well.

Sounds like you've had a tough journey, I'm so sorry :(. I'm wondering, are your seizures detectable?


I've experienced the exact same thing for a while now. Lately it has been happening more often and sometimes I feel the tingly feeling but I do not get the goosebumps.

Anyone every get a definite answer on this? I started getting the same thing on my thighs, but now it just will randomly happen on my arms, legs, and once my stomach. I hate the sensation!

I also have this and I really want to know the cause 😞 I can touch my legs and get patches of goosebumps! Has anyone got an answers on this please?? I've had an mri to rule out MS and my neurologist has no clue, she has never seen this and I feel as shes giving up on me😣 help!

My husband just noticed the same thing on his left arm today. They left as soon as they came, but he's so paranoid that I thought I'd google. Does anyone else come across anything that might explain this weird phenomenon?

I have googled this and have never found an answer. I've spent prolly 100 hours online trying. I've had this for over 9 months. I'm also paranoid. If I brush up on anything I get a patch of goosebumps in that spot. I get a tingling feeling first. Please let me know of u guys find anything out. Thanks

I’ve been experiencing this for a few months now. I am a migraine sufferer and stopped all of my medications October 2019 and detoxed off of everything that is been taking for the last decade. These bumps seem to be a new side effect from the possible neurological damage that the medications have done. I also have electrical twinges everyday all over my body. None of this is particularly bothersome like the migraines are, but it’s something I’ve noticed and curious about. I know I’ve poisoned my body from a decades worth of different medications. So this is possibly the outcome of frying my neurological and electrical system?!

I also suffer from chronic migraines and get lots of strange neurological symptoms with them. It’s hard to know what is migraine and what’s not as I get these sensations and symptoms very randomly as well. Hard to know what the medications are doing although I very much rely on triptans to lead a reasonably normal life.

Hi there, did you get an answer to what this was ?

Have you found out what this is, because I have same thing going on and it worries me so

I have been experiencing the same symptoms! The random goosebump patterns (accompanied by tingling) started on my right arm last year, were appearing on and off for couple of months and then completely disappeared. (March-June)I did brain and both cervical and thoracic spine MRIs to rule out the MS (i also visited 2 neurologists), my vitamin D level was a bit low but since then i’ve been taking supplements+ i’m sunbathing. Just now, I had the same pattern appearing on my right thigh for the first time! and it was more intense than the arm one, lasted for about 30 sec. What I do have is- scoliosis and kyphosis of the thoracic part of the spine (genetics in my case), my neck is also curved a bit to right, and due to curvature of the thoracic spine- 2 thoracic discs have starting bulging out on the right side. (Beginning phase of discus hernia).. Other than that, I’m a 26 yo female, leading a very healthy life, recently started doing exercise for my spine, former smoker, I’m not taking any medicines, nor do I have any kind of pain. Still, these sudden goosebumps got me very panicky and now I’m thinking of redoing all of the MRIs. My guess it that tingling and patches have something to do with the bad posture, curvature- pinched nerve etc, at least in my case..

Also, I noticed that goosebumps appear mostly when I’m stressed out or when I’m suppressing bad feeling, stress. Btw, I also had the right thigh muscle twitching for the past month prior to goosebumps... Anyone else have some news?

Eweli13 in reply to Matka18

I have experiencing the same symptoms as well. I also start having thigh muscle twitching. I went thru difficult past few months and been struggling with anxiety. Neurologist had no clue.

Hello all!

I’ve been experiencing those random goosebumps on my leg thigh.

I had them for first time many years ago, and they’ve just come back a week ago.

Let’s hope we can find out why do they occur!!

I also suffer from migraine.

Hi, ME TOO. I’m glad you got a picture, because it’s fleeting and hard to catch — but that’s exactly it. I am also quite interested in the fact that you describe it as happening in episodes — frequently for a couple of weeks, then going months without. Same here. I have not identified any triggers. I am not particularly stressed lately. 11 years ago, I had a bike accident with mild concussion with brief amnesia, along with a minor injury at T10. I also sometimes have unilateral flushing — that happens always on the right side. The flushing I’ve had for about 10 years, whereas the goosebumps only started a year ago. In my previous episodes of patchy goosebumps, I kept getting it only the left arm - the last couple of days, I get it on the right arm and leg. I have had brain MRIs as a research volunteer, and there was no abnormality noted.

I've had the same thing with tingly skin starting then patches if goosebumps. I also get hypersensitive to slight touch and movement and a feeling like I have static electricity on my skin. I've had a nerve conduction test, blood tests, seen a neurologist and dermatologist but no diagnosis as yet. It can suddenly start and last for days/weeks with this tingling in arms,legs and face then just go again . I find it totally consuming and makes my existing anxiety disorder alot worse. Any one any new ideas aboit these symptoms? It doesn't always start when I'm anxious btw , in a way I wish it was anxiety causing it at least I would know.

hello, i also have the tingly skin and then the goosebumps patches. I mostly have them on my back left leg and arm and knee. I also have hashimoto thyroiditis. It can be a symptom of anxiety? or dry skin? i am a very anxious person.

Hey. I have been getting these same patches for over 25 years now. Have seen numerous professionals thru the years to no avail. The sensation is so bizarre but real. It started on my R forearm then my L forearm. Eventually it started happening to both legs from the knees down. Just last week it happened when I was driving and I was able to take pictures.

Hi, did the doctors tested you for any kind of autoimmune disorder and check any vitamin deficiency?

Wow. I’m also glad you Got a photo! They are so hard to get as I’m always too late! I have had this for a year now, I am so glad it’s not just me!!

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