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does ny one else have these symptoms ?

so just curious if anyone else gets symptoms like these, my symptoms are involuntary spasms/ jerking motions down my right side especially my right arm and shoulder but now spreading to my left arm too which now locks in place with the jerking,

my right leg keeps jerking up in the air and slamming back down tripping me,

i cant lift either arm above my head, my joints are all stiff on the right side, i have weakness (Hoover's) all down my right side now too spreading to my left arm,

bad hand tremors again first in the right hand now in both, my right foot turns onto its side when i walk without me knowing,

i keep dropping things as my grip is week in my hand,

my right side moves slowly,

my right leg feels heavy and sticks to the floor,

i struggle to stand up due to weakness and because my balance is bad i feel like im constantly being tipped back and to the right,

my right eye keeps going temporarily blind it also blurs and i see double in it,

i have a huge blind spot in my right eye, i see flashes of light, i get a weird high pitched sound in my head,

feel fatigued and tired all the time,

keep needing to pee even when bladder is empty, have burning pains in arms,

feeling my right arm and leg are missing,

feeling of bugs crawling over my arms and right leg, numbness and pins and needles in my hands and feet,

bad bouts of nausea,

dizziness and feeling faint,

memory is getting worse,

keep messing up words im trying to say for instance saying bost pox instead of post box. anyone getting symptoms like this?

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Hi James,

When did this start and how long have you been like this?Some of the symptoms you describe are classic for psychogenic movement disorder but your doctors need to rule out infection/auto immune etc as a cause before they can decide if it is purely a psychological reaction to an event.You need to know your bloodtest results-repeated elevated white cell counts or physical signs such as swollen lymph nodes would indicate an immune response to infection.If you click on my name and go to my first post on this forum you can see the symptoms I had in my reply to Cathys 20.Feel free to keep us posted on your progress.Y ou have my sympathy-this is a horrible thing to go through no matter what the cause. x


it started on the 1st of December after i recovered from a cold it started with my right eye first and the other symptoms gradually came on over about two weeks. first i am not stressed, anxious or depressed, iv had no recent emotional events in fact stress or emotion has no effect on it at all.

i was only getting the symptoms at rest but now its most of the time and they worsen when i enact a motion. my ct scan is clear but i do have swollen lymph glands and a slightly elevated white blood count, that's why i need an MRI of my head and spine as my neurologist said there a small chance i have MS or some other autoimmune disease.

ill just go with what ever and will see a psychologist if they think it will help but personally though some of the symptoms are similar to psychogenic disorders as though some symptoms came on suddenly most of the symptoms have come on gradually and seam to react to physical stimuli like cold. i feel it is not psychological as the only psychological problem i had due to a troubled childhood has been dealt with way before this started and the symptoms just seam psychological to me every doctor at the hospital all agreed they appear neurological but they cant find the cause.

so i don't know what the heck is going on


Hi again,

Have your doctors considered Encephalitis?This can be notoriously hard to diagnose as it sometimes does not show on scans or blood tests.If this is suspected an EEG and or lumbar puncture are sometimes helpful.Your immune system is clearly in action with the lymph nodes and elevated white cells-identical to mine.Your symptoms are also very similar to what I had-partly psychogenic,partly neurological and with no fluctuation with stress or pre history of psychological problems.I had the trademark stiff neck nine days prior to onset but not everyone gets this.Sadly I never got all the relevant tests and so the cause is still unknown-hence FND diagnosis a year later.I am still living with some spasticity and cognitive problems two years on.Try to rest and not get too stressed over the weird stuff-the hospital would not let you go if they thought you were in any immediate danger.If inflammation is suspected,paracetomol may be useful,also supplements such as a good multivitamin/mineral tablet and omega 3 capsules.Ask your doctor if this is okay first.Keep that log of symptoms as I said earlier.

Take care,keep updating, Angela x



I've had FND for almost 2 years now. Symptoms have changed during this time but like you, always mainly focused on right side to then start on left.

Like you I suffer with a lot of jerking in my hands and feet. I've found certain movements do trigger it - like stroking a cat. I've dropped endless things and no the jerks are just becoming a normal way of life.

Again like you I have blurred and double vision. I recently went to the opticians and got some glasses, not for the prescription but to aid the double vision.

I regularly suffer with a stammer for about the past year, some days it's there and some days it isn't.

I hope knowing you're not alone is of some help.


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Hi, I read your post yesterday and wanted to respond by saying a lot of things you mention, many of us have in one way or the other. Also, things you mention I have not heard of. The brain is so complex, every part of us is controlled by the one organ. If disease, trauma, infection, or even stress alter our brains normal activity the possibilities for disfunction of the entire body is possible. With that being said, I feel very few of us, very few of us, of CD. Cd once brought out into the light usually will return the person to almost complete neurological order. Not always, but usually. However, if the brain is damaged by physical means, medication may help or may not help, but normal return is unusual.

You mentioned your eyes and blurry visions, and bright flashes of light. This is a serious situation that I have had, it could mean your retina is about to tear. You should arrange to see a eye specialist immediately. This could have been caused by the dysfunction for your other condition and needs to be treated.

WE as a group are thrown into a heap, when we have any abnormalities of our physical body that does not fit into a tight neurological condition. That is cd, or fnd. I believe, and will continue to encourage people to keep searching. It is called practicing medicine, because they do not have all the answers. And we do not fit into a tight little diagnosis. I have been very blessed that I am medication controlled. Others are not so fortunate, and do not have the Dr.s support and digging deeper once you receive this label. I pray you keep searching and asking.

My other question was there something that happened just prior to your symptoms: Virus, head trauma, whip lash, new medications, and thing just prior to outbreak of symptoms? For many of us there were. I had brain surgery followed by a spinal fluid leak. I will keep you in prayer, it is a hard journey without great support and very good understanding Dr.s. God Bless, Cathy


yes right before my first symptoms appeared i had a very bad head cold made my nose bleeding problem worse too, not good today at all got new symptoms keep choking when i eat and drink and have to fight to breath at times


Sorry to hear you have new symptoms.I had some similar but only for a short time.You could try drinking thicker liquids-thickened milkshake maybe.Also mushy foods like ready brek/smooth soup/rice pudding might help.If spasms are affecting your diaphragm or ribs it will feel harder work to breathe.If you are struggling get checked out. x


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