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First day back in work

I went back to work after 4 months of sick leave today. It’s only for a few hours initially and gradually increase hours to the normal full time. To be honest, even four hours got me exhausted😓 I know it’s only the first day back, but I’m shocked to know how weaker my body has got. I take two buses to get to work, not much walking, though. I’m a designer and my hand grip got weaker so that I cannot hold my pen mouse as I used to do, which is frustrating. also somebody’s stolen my foot rest😭 Anyway, I’ll see how things go tomorrow. It was good to be out from home, but it’s still kind of scary to be far away from home

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Gosh ! Well done you. That's amazing. I've just reduced from full time home working to 5 hrs a day....after 2 months off sick it's exhausting like you say ....

Think as it's mentally draining I guess, as well as the physical fatigue.

Really hope your work are supportive too.



Well done on getting back! I’m just back to work in a new career after 3 1/2 years off from work following a car crash that resulted in FND.

You will find that as you increase your workload that you’ll be in bed a lot earlier than normal! Just communicate with your boss and be honest when you need a little bit of help.

If you don’t say how you’re doing they’ll assume all is well :)

You’ve done brilliantly to get back so hats off to you!


Hello, did you not get any support from DWP Access to work....


I’m based in Ireland 🇮🇪 I was getting illness benefits while I was on sick leave, but I didn’t see anything related to ‘return to work’ support. I might check it out a bit further😀 It’s too complicated for me to figure out what I’m entitled to....


Well done and good luck moving forwards.

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