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Really feels like i am taking more steps backwards then forward!

Well its been 8 weeks since i returned to work but after moving up to 6 hours a day i have now returned to 5 hours a day. It is very disappointing that i cannot managed to work in my role for 6 hours a day but i do acknowledge that i have a very challenging job in a doctors surgery and this is not the right place for me to be.

Hopefully i will find another job in a less stressful environment where my headaches and light headedness can be kept at bay.

In a better note i have been discharged from speech therapy and neurology with the option of emergency referrals if my symptoms return but still have to attend the pain management clinic. Slowly but surely i will be as well as i can be!

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Hi Angela

Well done with getting ' back on the horse' as it were. I just put my first application in for a 20 hours a week job. Not quite sure how it will play out - it is 5 years since my old employer told me that I had lost my job after 2 years of sickness absence. So it is a huge challenge and I don't know whether 4 hours a day is achievable or not, but figured the only way to find out is to try!

Like you thouh I think the type of job is key. I used to work in senior management, but the job I have applied for now is one sorting out activities for the residents of a care home. Seems more likely to be something I might be able to sustain... I hope you find something that suits your new circumstances too.

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AngelaB, I am impressed that you have made the progress that you have. We all need to expect a step back sometimes.. Don't focus on that part, focus on the part that you have made it to where you have, that is awesome girl! Keep up the good work, make adjustments as you need, and celebrate the good! High Five!



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