Futher update..better than expected!

Well i returned to work on Tuesday and was greeted with welcome back, how are you feeling.

I spoke to the senior manager explained how i felt and told her of the advice i had been give eg. Finding employment nearer home. She was very supported and said that she would like me to return full-time if i could and we went through a plan of phased return to full-time hours which i am going to discuss with my Gp this week. She said that she would like me to stay in the role but recognised that i had to do what was best for my health. She also said that she would provide me with a reference when needed.

I was very surprised but very grateful. My stress levels havd been greatly reduced.

Thanks for the advice everyone x

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  • Glad to hear you got such great support and also that your boss values you and your work so much.

    Wishing you success in finding that balance. Sounds like you have support now to do that and less stress is always good 😊

  • Fantastic so pleased for you 🤗

  • great news. I am excited for you. less stress is always good

    I'm sure you will find balance. sending positive thoughts your way.


  • AngelaB

    Warms our hearts to hear of your return. We think it is a positive step forward. I love how you are communicating at work to put your health first. We wish you a successful effort to re-engage in work activities. Please continue to take good care of yourself.

    Dan and Family / Seattle

  • Thank you very much. I do try to keep them in the loop so that they are always aware if what is going on.

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