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Any tips for FND when dealing with thunder and lightning - do you get affected by the lights and noise?

Hi everyone!

We're in line for some thunder & lightning later today and I would like to know if any of you get worsening symptoms & if so, what's your coping mechanism because my wife Kim finds it really aggravates her FND.

I may just hide under the covers!

Best wishes to everyone!

Tony & Kim 😊😊 xx 👌

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Tony and Kim.

It was a serious problem in the early years for me. I used to preoccupy myself with other things and just try to tune it out - particularly the light flashes. Over time, that changed as everything became more complex. Nowadays, I just go outside and stand in it on those rare occasions when Seattle actually brews up a storm.

Take care of each other and grow old together with happiness. Love you forever.



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