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Been to unwell but wanted to say a great big hello

Been to unwell but wanted to say a great big hello

Hi all

I hope you are all doing well or as well as you can be.

I haven't been on if late due to being to unwell one foot forward 10 steps back . My energy level has been to low that I need to try to conserve every little bit I have left in me , my speech is to a point now I just don't want to talk to anyone but atleast I can still touch buttons ...

Anyway I just wanted to say hi to you all and to remind you that you are all amazing in your fight in this bloody dreadful Dissorder . I pray every day that someone some specialist will be able to find a way to save us all before we give up hope something Iam starting to loose but my kids keep me fighting even when I'm to tired to fight ..That's it for me for now I need to rest now . May today be a better day for you all and keeping everyone of you in my prayers

Lots of love and hope

Ronwyn ❤️️💟💖😇🙏😇😇😇

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I love that saying.

I'm having a tired week.

Arms do not want to work and I agree with you about conserving energy.

I had a recent disagreement with an OT who was supposed to be helping but didn't then sent me a feedback form which I didn't fill out as I was conserving energy too I had about 2 weeks where I didn't type and I barely ever write now so she then sent me a 'you must be happy with my services as you haven't responded so I'm closing your case as completed' not only wasn't I satisfied but I just didn't have the energy to start a complaint. I will mention it at my next doc meet as he probably has a glowing letter that she did a great job.

I'm starting to have to pick my battles

Have a good weekend 😊🤗



Will you give me a licensing agreement to wear that sign on behalf of this community? I will send you all donations collected from the docs who care.... You do accept American pennies don't you?

God I pray that something turns around for us. The struggle has ratcheted up for you and me and some others.

Regardless, I send back a great big hello to you and your family along with the many daily prayers that I say for you and other folks here.

We are "Walking Tall" which I think is the title of a movie with Joe Don Baker in it. My memory so bad and I am from Tennessee.

We kiss our kids every day and find that keeps us going. Thank you for hollering out loud. We all need to do that.

Dan / Seattle


Sending you hugs and energy today is sunny I rested this morning then did movies! Now out enjoying slow dog walk with the warm sun on my back and the boys messing round 🤗🤗🤗🤗


Sounds perfect 😊


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