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a num buzzing feeling in arms and legs


Hello all first off i really hope every one is as well as they can be. my qustion is does any one else get a heavy num feeling in your arms and legs well mine is mostley on my right side which leaves your limbs feeling heavy abd they you get like a low lev buzz go though your arm or leg its like having a mobile of silient ring but under your skin it leaves you feeling exhursted if im honest and one a real bad day its less of a low buzz its like a tense machine on high going off with out warning followed by a well it seema like a burning lighting bolt going tough this very is unpleasent but the doctors just looked blank at me.

i just hope some one there gets what im talking about as its horrible

many thanks


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Good morning ! Yes and yes.

My legs are heavy achy burning shooting pains most of the time, especially on waking so heavy feel like can’t move them at all.

Every now and again I do feel a buzzing just like you destibed, in the very top of my left leg, that’s the one I have the weakness and lose control of, after walking a short distance

Have you mentioned this to your neurologist yet? I shall on my next visit...keep me posted and stay positive.

tabey in reply to Lucy-15

Dear Lucy-15

Thank you for your reply it meens alot to me knowing im not alone and these strange feelings are felt by others.

i just got the blank look with no answer.

but your answering my qustion helps alot. The burning shooting in my leg wow that really hurts and stops me from walking.

Kittilyn in reply to tabey

Hello, yes I have had exactly this too, though for me it is on my left side. I get numbness and weakness in my arm & leg, plus sometimes a heaviness in my leg. Also the tingling/buzzing sensations. My specialist has acknowledged all this and it is written in my notes. It has been really debilitating over the past 6 months, but recently (as in the last 2 weeks) I have seen some improvement. The symptoms are still there, but much more muted. I have started taking a vitamin B complex & possibly this is making a difference? I don't know.

I hope you are doing okay today. Very best wishes to you.

tabey in reply to Kittilyn

Dear kittilyn

Thank you for your reply and your correct im very low on vit D B12 and folic acid which is a strange .

thank you for your kind words


Please make the docs listen to you they left it too late for me now both legs in braces permanently if you can every one watch a movie called brain on fire it's a true story it will inspire

tabey in reply to Mat08

Dear mat08

Thank you for your reply,i shall try and look out for that film

you give me strenth to keep on fighting


Got it, yea me too, not nice to say the least, praying helps me, gives me strength

best wishes & God bless you

Yeah I have the same feeling in both my legs and arms. I’m not sure what makes it better :/ I just pray that eventually it will

I have a buzz like that. But I feel it more in my head first. Like someone shook my head that fast that my brain is bouncing off my skull! Thank it rushes down my arm and leg.

I also get this burning feeling on my skin mainly near my scar across my tummy. Fatigue gets worse when that happens. Mind you. Iv always got fatigue.

I hope your doing well today x

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