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Things I have heard about treating BC

For what it's worth: At 70 and in treatment for BC since 2012, I have heard several people tell me a few things pertaining to treating BC. One cousin whose brother had it said Asparagus is good for it, and my cousin eats it 2 times a week. Another swears that Tumeric is excellent to help prevent further growths ( but add black pepper to it) and another person said that certain mushrooms are helpful in preventing it. I understand that adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to each bottle of water daily is helpful. I also know the hard way that coffee is not a good choice for days when you are being given BCG. A male nurse friend in California says that a number of his patients with BC use a supplement called IP-6. If any of you are a smoker, stop and if you dont stop, at least switch to American Spirit ( with less additives).

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Anything high in anti-oxidants is good.Tumeric has the highest concentration of any food and can be added to almost any meal (Curry especially !) Purple fruit and vegetables,but have your grapes pressed and bottled ! Good luck.


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