Turbt procedure

I have just returned from 3 days in hospital for a Turbt

Now wait 14 days for biopsy result

For all of you waiting for this op

Not as bad as I feared, I am 81 so opted for injection in the spine instead of general anaesthetic. Felt absolute nothing

And below waist frozen for about six hours, no nausea and recovery much quicker, might not suit all but I would choose again, procedure was at the main Exeter hospital and care first class

If you have any questions I may be able help please ask

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  • Glad all went well for you&the very best of good wishes for when you get your biopsy result.

  • Because I was recovering from pneumonia, I also had a spinal during my turbt. Sadly my leg kept jerking and I kicked the surgeon in the head 3 times. He had to stop as he was in danger of damaging my bladder. Also he was going out that night, and didn't want a black eye and cauliflower ear. I went back 7 weeks later and had the op under general anastatic

  • Hey glad you made out alright. I had the injection in the spine the first 2 turbts. It took two a month and a half in between in the beginning for me. Large 8 cm tumor and 2 more behind it almost totally blocked. Mine also was noninvasive and Grade 2. This began in 2009 and finally the past 2 years this month have not had a return. Yeah.................the only thing I did not like about the spinal was on the second surgery that evening a couple of hours afterwards I had an accident in bed. The CNA because I do not think she was a nurse wanted to know why did I not know............well, I was totally numb and did not know it had happened until afterwards. She was not happy and did not clean me properly nor change the bed pan. I felt so ashamed but it was not my fault. Anyway that was the only bad experience thru all of my surgeries.

  • Bless you.

  • I had a problem with the injection ,it didnt seem to do its job so they opted to put me out before they began.I think the doc had an important round at the golf club and couldnt wait.:)

  • Wow well done... The waiting for results is the worst... Have my fingers crossed for you

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