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Indiana Pouch Leaks more than I cath

I am 63 years old and my name is Marilyn. I had my surgery on Feb. 1st. 2013, and I am having so many regrets as my IP leaks so bad that I have to wear a 2-piece appliance to be able to have some kind of life. I leak 400cc's over a 3-4 hour span between cathing my IP. I have had these issues from the get go. Long story short I am on Dr. # 3 and after all the test results he has said that all he can say is my leaking is due to spasms. Has any one experienced anything similar here? I would be very appreciative for any thoughts.

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So sorry to hear of these awful side effects. ..what a nightmare. Hope you can get the help you need.


I am having exactly the same problems I had my surgery in May this year. I saw the surgeon last Monday as I only catheterise about 50ml every 4hours but leak about 350mls doc said same as yours muscle spasms . I also have to wear a 2 piece.


You poor woman, this sounds awful. I have no advice to offer but can certainly offer support and well wishes. Sometimes it helps just to know others are 'on your side'

Hope things do get better for you


That is why I chose natural approach. When surgeon mentioned bladder control, I started

learning about natural cures. A lot of work and discipline to follow natural approach but worth it. I have great support in this field and many books on the subject. Only U.S. does not

point patients to natural cures. They want money and continued therapies that work?????

Quality of life is more important than their continued game of saying "got it all??"


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